The Modern Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Landscape
Learn about EDA and how businesses across all industries are utilizing it to successfully digitally transform their organizations.
About Us
Learn why organizations from around the world are choosing Vantiq to run their operations in real time.
See the people that make this all possible, including our executive team and board of directors.
Vantiq is the culmination of decades of software experience, read the story on how it all started.
Success Stories
Take a deeper dive into the stories and applications created on Vantiq and the technical specifications that make it all possible.
See how the Vantiq platform manages the entire application lifecycle from Design and Development, to Deployment and Maintenance so you can focus on your business and not the underlying infrastructure.
Learn about the Sense, Analyze, and Act stages in a Vantiq application and other real-time development capabilities.
See some of the many different ways real-time applications are being utilized across different industries.
Industry Solutions
Rapidly create real-time applications that take full advantage of Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC), 5G, and more.
Read about how Vantiq is creating the next generation of connected, intelligent, and automatic building systems.
See how Vantiq powers the real-time operations for some of the largest energy companies in the world.
See the features and benefits of utilizing event-driven architecture as well as our complete catalog of related assets and blogs.
Learn what digital twins are, what businesses are using them for, as well as all of our digital twin related assets and blogs.
View the technical details behind edge computing and see all of our related resources.
On-Demand Webinar: Vantiq Back-to-Work Accelerator
See firsthand how our real-time enabled Back-to-Work Accelerator quickly allows businesses to safely return to work.
How We Help
View the applications built by our global partners that are helping to combat the Coronavirus.
Vantiq CEO, Marty Sprinzen, shares his thoughts on COVID-19 and the new normal.
Learn how you can rapidly build COVID-19 solutions to re-open businesses and return to work.
Take a peek under the hood of Vantiq's internal smart office deployment as we outfit the office to help employees safely return to the office.
Eat, Drink, and Flourish: WaterBit's Precision Irrigation Is Digitally Transforming Agriculture Through Vantiq's Platform - IDC Report
IDC shares insights on WaterBit making the strategic decision to deploy its distributed network of precision irrigation IoT technology using Vantiq's real-time, event-driven application development platform.
Partner Program
Learn how a partnership with Vantiq enables you to build, integrate, and deliver high value solutions at the speed of business innovation.
The best Vantiq Partner resources for training, discussion, documents, and more. See what awaits when you join the Partner Program.
Our Partners
View all our current partners and the different use cases they serve.
Our partner-driven solution center, where you can discover event-driven applications built by our network of global partners.
Digital Twins Will Drive the Future of Digital Transformation
As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses spanning all industries must bridge the gap between physical systems and the virtual world.
Read the latest thought leadership on real-time applications, digital transformation, and more.
Get the most recent whitepapers, data sheets, and videos on event-driven architecture and how Vantiq makes it easier than ever.
See the latest innovations from Vantiq Partners, employees, and industry experts in our upcoming and on-demand webinars.
News & Events
Stay up to date with all the latest press releases and media coverage from Vantiq and our partners.
View all the upcoming events Vantiq is attending. We hope to see you there!
Interested in a career at Vantiq? View all of our active job postings.
Vantiq Resources
All Resources
2 Minute Demo: Real-Time Monitoring Solution for Firefighters
See how Vantiq is able to monitor the health and current situation status of firefighters in the field in real time.
2 Minute Vantiq Overview
Quickly learn about what Vantiq is, see the features and benefits, and some of the different use cases it serves in this short video.
A Smart, Connected Hospital Powered by Vantiq
See what a hospital powered by real-time technology looks like and how it will transform the healthcare industry.
Amorph and VANTIQ - Infection Detection and Containment Solution for Airports
Amorph Systems and VANTIQ have partnered to create next-generation infection detection and containment solutions for airports around the world.
Back to Work Accelerator Explainer Video
See how real-time applications built on Vantiq are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry in this short video.
Bimernet/VANTIQ Smart Building Digital Twin Demo Video
See the Next-Generation Digital Twins that are possible with VANTIQ and Bimernet in this short demo video.
Data Sheet
Capital Heat Case Study Brochure
Capital Heat built an IoT platform on Vantiq that enables more efficient district heating service for 200,000 households in an area of over 25 million square meters.
COVID-19 and the Need for Real-Time Technology
The effects of COVID-19 have been devastating to business everywhere. The VANTIQ platform is able to quickly build applications that help secure a safe and effective work environment.
Data Sheet
Cust2Mate Case Study Brochure
Cust2Mate provides a real-time interactive shopping experience using smart shopping cart technology and sensors throughout the store.
Demo of VANTIQ Logistics Management - by Infosquare
Demonstration of a real-time, event-based logistics application featuring fleet management and supply-chain tracking. Built by VANTIQ partner Infosquare.
Data Sheet
Digital Twin Backgrounder
Learn more about next-generation digital twin components, how they are developed, and the use cases they serve.
White Paper
Digital Twins Will Drive the Future of Digital Transformation
Learn why as the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses spanning all industries must bridge the gap between physical systems and the virtual world.
White Paper
Distributed (MEC) Applications With Vantiq
Learn how Telecoms are taking advantage of new capabilities enabling local processing and shorter response times via 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing.
White Paper
Distribution and Federation in Real-Time, Event-Driven Business Applications
Around 10% of enterprise-generated data is created and processed outside a traditional centralized data center or cloud. By 2025, Gartner predicts this figure will reach 75%.
White Paper
eBook: Improving Situational Awareness and Agility in Energy Management
Learn how event-driven architecture (EDA) is being used in the Energy Management industry to streamline operations, modernize the grid, prioritize sustainability and decarbonization, prevent disasters, and more.
Data Sheet
Electra Case Study Brochure
Electra uses Vantiq's platform to monitor the energy grid in real time.
Eliminate Lines With Real-Time Virtual Queuing Technology
See how real-time technology can be used to eliminate lines with virtual queuing applications.
Data Sheet
Event-Driven Architecture Decision Guide
How do you decide if event-driven architecture (EDA) is right for your business. Download our free checklist and find out if EDA is the right fit.
Event-Driven Oil & Gas Application Demo
See how Vantiq combines smart sensors, live drone footage, geolocation, and more, all in real time, to keep your pipeline running smoothly.
White Paper
Event-Driven Systems
The real-time, digital enterprise is naturally modeled as events that occur throughout the enterprise and the actions taken in response to those events. Learn what an event-driven system is and how they work in this whitepaper.
Facility Security Demo
Using VANTIQ, you can quickly build a real-time, event-driven app that can monitor your assets via real-time face tracking and more!
Ford Testimonial Video
See how Ford is using Vantiq to build real-time digital twins of alleyways to assist service vehicles in navigating around blockages.
White Paper
Gartner Report: Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things, 2020
As part of a digital business strategy, the Internet of Things blends the physical and digital worlds and is transforming the way we live and work. This Hype Cycle will help enterprises assess the level of maturity and hype associated with critical IoT building blocks.
Data Sheet
GiConnect Case Study Brochure
GiConnect develops a real-time Coronavirus tracking application using Vantiq, allowing for a safe return to work.
Go Back-to-School Safely With Real-Time Technology
See how going back to school can be made safer with real-time technology.
Help Parents Find Lost Children With Real-Time Technology
See how real-time technology can be used to quickly find missing children in public settings such as a mall, park, office building, and more.
How We Transformed our Headquarters Into A Smart Building, Project Q
See how Vantiq has implemented a new real-time workplace safety application in its headquarters to get back to work safely.
White Paper
IDC Report: WaterBit's Precision Irrigation Is Digitally Transforming Agriculture Through Vantiq's Platform
IDC, shares why real-time technology was such a good fit for WaterBit and recommended actions for businesses looking to also undergo digital transformation.
Data Sheet
INESA Case Study Brochure
INESA develops a real-time elevator monitoring system using Vantiq, allowing for increased safety and security.
Intelligently Manage Natural Disaster Response and Environmental Conditions With Vantiq
Learn how the Vantiq application development platform enables real-time intelligence to allow rescue workers and businesses alike to operate in real time.
Data Sheet
Mitsuiwa Case Study Brochure
Mitsuiwa utilized Vantiq to create a system that dispatches customer engineers to respond to incidents and computer breakdown requests in real-time.
Object Recognition for Security Demo
Watch how easy it is to develop an event-driven, real-time application in VANTIQ that notifies security when objects have moved from a desired location.
Data Sheet
Oil and Gas Safety Requires Real-Time Technology
Learn how Infosys and Vantiq are bringing real-time technology to Oil and Gas companies through the joint Energy Innovation Hub.
Data Sheet
Product Positioning 1 Pager
See Vantiq's capabilities, differentiators, and why it is the only low-code / no-code high-productivity Application Platform as a Service (aPaaS) for development, deployment and execution of real-time event-driven enterprise applications.
Product Tour - Video 1: Application Builder
This first Product Tour video focuses on providing a brief description of the VANTIQ platform, and includes a step by step look at building an application.
Product Tour - Video 2: Collaboration Builder
This second video in the Product Tour series shows to build human-machine collaborations in VANTIQ.
Product Tour - Video 3: Client Builder
This third video in the Product Tour series walks you through building a web based client to display a simple status of the devices being monitored.
productOps Testimonial Video
Hear firsthand why productOps chose VANTIQ and how they are utilizing EDA technology today with their smart city project, LOUD (Live Outside Urban Data).
Data Sheet
Real-Time Business Glossary
Stay up to date with real-time digital transformation terms with this business glossary.
White Paper
Real-Time Collaborative Systems
The case for real-time collaboration between humans and machines and how VANTIQ accomplishes it.
Real-Time Safety & Sustainability Platform | Clean Energy Transition | Infosys x Vantiq
Reducing carbon emissions and ensuring safe operations are the two most important objectives for the Oil & Gas industry today. See how Infosys and Vantiq are solving these problems and more through the joint Energy Innovation Hub.
White Paper
RT Insights Special Report: Why Smart Cities Need an Event-Driven Architecture
Read the RT Insights Special Report on Smart Cities and why they need to be developed on an event-driven architecture to succeed.
Sample Field Service Application Built with VANTIQ
An example of a real-time, event-driven application built quickly and easily using the VANTIQ Platform.
Smart Energy & Utilities Powered by Vantiq
See how the Vantiq platform ingests and analyzes streaming data from IoT devices, enterprise systems, cameras, and more to paint the most complete picture of energy & utilities operations.
SoftBank Representative Director & COO, Yasuyuki Imai Speaks on Vantiq Partnership
Watch SoftBank Representative Director & COO, Yasuyuki Imai, explain why they chose VANTIQ to help them achieve their digital transformation goals.
SoftBank Smart City & Smart Building Initiatives
See how SoftBank and VANTIQ are working together towards the common goal of creating real-time smart cities and smart buildings.
Data Sheet
Teneo Case Study Brochure
Teneo uses Vantiq to develop a next-generation real-time roadside and accident assistance solution for a premier global insurer.
White Paper
The Connected Industries Integration Platform
Learn how VANTIQ is the perfect platform for executing against Connected Industries initiatives.
White Paper
The Modern Event-Driven Architecture (EDA) Landscape
There is no single path to digital transformation (DX). However, one path to DX, event-driven architecture (EDA) is becoming increasingly popular. Learn what you should consider when choosing an EDA platform.
Data Sheet
Total Case Study Brochure
Total uses real-time technology to detect and respond to issues before they become major problems.
Total's TADI Initiative Saves Lives in Oil & Gas Industry
Learn how Total is saving lives in the oil & gas industry with its TADI initiative using next generation sensors, analytics, and artificial intelligence powered by VANTIQ.
Transforming Telecommunications with Real-Time Applications
See how real-time applications built on Vantiq are revolutionizing the telecommunications industry in this short video.
Data Sheet
Unlock the Power of the Edge With Vantiq
See how Vantiq makes it fast and simple to build services on any distributed infrastructure including Edge and/or Cloud environments.
Data Sheet
VANTIQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about VANTIQ and the Answers to each questions
VANTIQ Back-to-Work Accelerator Demo Video
See firsthand the power of the Back-to-Work Accelerator and how it enables smart business solutions to be developed faster than ever before.
Data Sheet
VANTIQ Corporate Overview Brochure
Learn what event-driven applications powered by VANTIQ can do and why customers around the globe rely on VANTIQ to create the next generation of digital applications.
Vantiq Explainer Video
Watch our 2 minute explainer video and learn what event-driven architecture (EDA) is and how VANTIQ makes it easier than ever to digitally transform your business.
VANTIQ GPS 2019 Recap Video
See the highlights from the real time event of the year. Held in October 2019 in beautiful San Francisco, VANTIQ GPS featured keynote speakers and partners from around the world.
Vantiq Last Mile Accelerator
Learn more about the Last Mile Accelerator, designed to provide real-time control over an entire smart fleet.
VANTIQ Oil & Gas Explainer Video
Watch our 2 minute explainer video and learn what event-driven architecture (EDA) is and how VANTIQ makes it easier than ever to digitally transform.
Vantiq Platform Demo - Edge Applications
Learn how Vantiq enables the rapid development and deployment of low latency, highly scalable, edge applications.
VANTIQ Showcase Video 2020
Watch our showcase video on the various use cases that have been built on the VANTIQ platform.
Data Sheet
VANTIQ Technical Overview Brochure
VANTIQ allows modern enterprises to operate in real time and transform their business by using event-driven architecture (EDA). The VANTIQ application platform-as-a-service (aPaas) allows rapid, iterative creation of event-driven applications.
VANTIQ Vision - CEO Marty Sprinzen GPS 2019 Keynote Speech
Hear VANTIQ CEO Marty Sprinzen discuss the vision behind the innovative VANTIQ platform and where the technology is going next. Recorded at VANTIQ GPS 2019.
VANTIQ's Advanced Event Broker Capabilities
VANTIQ's Dynamic Advanced Event Broker, Pronto, is the only advanced event broker that delivers the continuous awareness, intelligence and agility required for modern event-driven systems.
White Paper
VANTIQ's Unique Technical Value Proposition
Learn what makes VANTIQ truly unique from a technical perspective in this short white paper.
Data Sheet
WaterBit Case Study Brochure
WaterBit builds a real-time agricultural monitoring system in less than two months using Vantiq.
Welcome to the Smartest City in the World, SoftBank’s Tokyo Smart City Takeshiba
SoftBank partners with Vantiq to make their headquarters the Smartest building in the world. Welcome to the Tokyo Portcity Takeshiba project - an interconnected Smart City, connecting people & places in real time.
What Does a Smart City Look Like With VANTIQ?
See what a Smart City powered by real-time technology could look like in this short video.
What is Edge Computing and How Does it Work?
See why Gartner predicts that by 2025 75% of enterprise-generated data will be created and processed outside of the cloud.
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