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Vantiq Platform

Next Generation Platform
for Smart Applications

Vantiq’s groundbreaking patented intelligent platform leverages Generative AI to revolutionize software automation — automating its utilization and eliminating the need for human intervention in prompt generation.

This enables developers to easily build a new era of enterprise applications where sensors, AI and business systems all work together in real-time to achieve smarter outcomes.

Trusted by leading companies
“SoftBank Corp. Leads VANTIQ Series B Investment Round”
“Vantiq achieves outstanding growth for third year in a row”
VANTIQ - OPTAC-X Enters agreement with Mayo Clinic
“SoftBank Corp. Leads VANTIQ Series B Investment Round”
“Vantiq achieves outstanding growth for third year in a row”
VANTIQ - OPTAC-X Enters agreement with Mayo Clinic
“SoftBank Corp. Leads VANTIQ Series B Investment Round”
“Vantiq achieves outstanding growth for third year in a row”
VANTIQ - OPTAC-X Enters agreement with Mayo Clinic

Patented Layers of

Exceeding the sum of its Parts
Drawing on hundreds of years of experience. Vantiq’s patented platform combines cutting-edge technologies into a stratified framework.
Mission Critical from the Bottom-Up
From seamless data integration and AI intelligence to a real-time magic wrapper and user-friendly low code/no-code platform, each layer contributes to comprehensive real-time, event-driven solutions.
We tackle the Impossible​
Smart administration ensures scalability, while the generative AI machine to machine layer elevates decision-making. Together, these layers provide a comprehensive platform for building smart applications for modern enterprise challenges.

Build and Deploy Smart
Real-time Software Applications

Dynamic Event Broker and Event Catalog 

  • Engineered to manage hundreds of thousands of asynchronous events per second
  • Achieves best-in-class processing time 
  • Utilizes in-memory time series and multi-stream analysis for real-time insights 
  • Offers 160+ pre-built integrations for seamless connectivity to any data source 
  • Features mission critical functionalities such as guaranteed messaging, dynamic routing and fault tolerance 

Distributed Multi-Cloud, Multi-Edge Deployments 

  • Cloud and infrastructure agnostic 
  • Modular and autonomous applications designed to run on the edge where action occurs 
  • Patented capabilities for automatic partitioning, deployment and mesh-based networking  
  • Optimizes performance, cost, privacy and reliability for enhanced efficiency 
  • Securely services multiple applications and users within a multi-tenanted runtime 

Low/No code Rules-Based Processing Engine and Application Builder 

  • Comprehensive low/no-Code tools spanning the entire applications lifecycle: Design, Development, Deployment and Management 
  • Achieves 80 - 90% reduction in application development time, resources and complexity 
  • Tailored for modern agile DevOps methodologies 

Generative AI

  • Vantiq automatically prompts Generative AI to amplify contextual insights in real-time situations 
  • Enables dynamic communication between Machine-to-Machine and Machine-to-Human interactions 
  • Orchestrates across multiple LLMs with patented voting/consensus algorithms 
  • Empowers real-time decision-making and business automation 

Real-time Business Orchestration 

  • Vantiq serves as the nexus between sensors, AI, humans and Business Systems orchestrating intelligent outcomes 
  • Functioning akin to a Digital Nervous System, Vantiq amalgamates information provide a comprehensive real-time overview and autonomously takes necessary actions 

Vantiq Newsfeed

Vantiq News
VANTIQ Appoints Tomonari Sato as President of Japanese Subsidiary to Accelerate Digital Transformation
Vantiq News
Vantiq - OPTAC-X Tele-EMS Pilot Proves Resilient During Recent Cellular Service Outages
Vantiq News
Vantiq Winter 2024 Release Expands Generative AI Capabilities with Multi-LLM Support
Vantiq News
Vantiq Hosts Innovation Summit to Bring Generative AI Use Cases to Defense, Healthcare, and Public Safety
Vantiq News
Vantiq - OPTAC-X Enters Know-How Agreement with Mayo Clinic to Provide LTE-Global Satcom Telehealth Technology in EMS Environment

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