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Enabling the
Dynamic Platform for Quickly Creating Transformative, Digital Applications for Your Agile Business
“Move fast, iterate quickly, transform your business.”
- Marty Sprinzen, VANTIQ CEO
The Real-Time Enterprise Requires Applications That Are:

Platform ingests streams of business ‘events’ and processes them in real-time

Optimize the effectiveness of your people with powerful human-to-machine collaboration

The security, scalability, and always-on availability that your applications require

Your applications can run anywhere – distributed from the cloud to the edge

VANTIQ is 10x Better
Dramatically reduces the time and complexity to develop, deploy, and maintain fully reactive, event-driven, real-time applications
Without VANTIQ
Multiple tools
and platforms
Large team
of gurus
1000s of
lines of code
Months or years
to build
lengthy deployment
Single platform
Small team of devs
Low/no code
Days or weeks
to build
Easy, continuous
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Featured Resources
Data Sheet
VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet
High-level technical overview of the VANTIQ Platform for building real-time, event-driven applications.
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Innovation Insight for Event Thinking
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White Paper
Distribution + Federation in Real-time Applications
This paper describes the distributed nature of real-time business applications and the reasons why they must must be distributed across the cloud, on-premise and the network edge.

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