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Building Real-Time Streaming Apps - Now Dead Simple

Digital transformation expert Jason Bloomberg and VANTIQ discuss they why and how of real-time, event-driven application development.

White Paper
Digital Twin Architecture

Understand the VANTIQ Digital Twin Architecture, a pattern for rapidly building high fidelity Digital Twins on the VANTIQ platform.

White Paper
Distribution and Federation in Real-Time Event-Driven Apps

Most event-driven business applications need to be deployed in a distributed manner for improved responsiveness, robustness and security.

White Paper
Gartner's New Report on Event-Driven Applications

Read Gartner's latest report on the event-driven application revolution, "Innovation Insight for Event Thinking".

Data Sheet
Non-Technical Overview

Non-technical overview of the VANTIQ platform.

Data Sheet
Platform Overview Datasheet

High-level technical overview of VANTIQ platform.

Product Tour - Video 1: Application Builder

This first Product Tour video focuses on providing a brief description of the VANTIQ platform, and includes a step by step look at building an application.

Product Tour - Video 2: Collaboration Builder

This second video in the Product Tour series shows to build human-machine collaborations in VANTIQ.

Product Tour - Video 3: Client Builder

This third video in the Product Tour series walks you through building a web based client to display a simple status of the devices being monitored.

White Paper
Real-Time Collaborative Systems

The case for real-time collaboration between humans and machines and how VANTIQ accomplishes it.

White Paper
Real-Time Field Service Management

Is your field service team able to respond to the real-time status of events in the field?

Sample IoT Application Built with VANTIQ

An example of a real-time, event-driven application built quickly and easily using the VANTIQ Platform.

White Paper
Security White Paper

VANTIQ’s comprehensive approach to delivering security, integrity and privacy features.

Smart Cities Parking Demo

Watch VANTIQ Sales Engineer Patrick Burma create an intelligent parking application right in front of your eyes!

White Paper
Smart Supply Chains for Industry 4.0

Supply chains are an area where solutions that introduce IoT, autonomous and connected systems are beginning to emerge.

White Paper
VANTIQ - Enabling the Digital Enterprise

Read the vision of Marty Sprinzen, CEO of VANTIQ on how VANTIQ truly enables the digital enterprise.

White Paper
VANTIQ Competitive Landscape

Learn the 4 key advantages of VANTIQ relative to commonly considered competitors or alternatives.

VANTIQ Modelo IDE and Platform Overview

This quick video describes the new VANTIQ 'Modelo' integrated development environment.

Why Businesses are Moving to an Event Driven Architecture

Review the paradigm shifts in modern application development plus a discussion of event-driven applications built using VANTIQ.

Featured Resources
Data Sheet
VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet
High-level technical overview of the VANTIQ Platform for building real-time, event-driven applications.
New Gartner Report - Free!
Innovation Insight for Event Thinking
Read Gartner’s latest report on the event-driven application revolution PLUS new product tour videos, VANTIQ FAQ, and interview with VANTIQ co-founders Marty & Paul.
White Paper
Distribution + Federation in Real-time Applications
This paper describes the distributed nature of real-time business applications and the reasons why they must must be distributed across the cloud, on-premise and the network edge.

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