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San Francisco – September 24, 2020
Pharma Manufacturing – Plugging the Manufacturing Cracks
COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on the cracks in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Even before the pandemic, life sciences experts had warned about the risks.
San Francisco – September 14, 2020
Vantiq Deploys Real-Time Workplace Safety Application At Headquarters, Together with Partners Bits In Glass and Rigado
“Smart Building” System Demonstrates COVID Back-to-Work Solution Featuring Thermal Cameras, Edge Sensors and Real-Time Location Data.
San Francisco – September 9, 2020
Readwrite – Why It’s Time to Move to an Event Driven Architecture
Real-time and IoT have modernized application development. But “the laws of physics still apply.” Here is why it’s time to move to an event-driven architecture.
San Francisco, CA – August 26, 2020
Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!
Learn about the latest release of the Vantiq Platform (1.29), which introduces a number of new capabilities designed for next-generation application development.
Interview with CEO Marty Sprinzen
Watch VANTIQ CEO Marty Sprinzen discuss his vision for how
real-time enterprise applications drive true digital transformation.
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San Francisco – August 18, 2020
The Manufacturing Connection – Development Platform for Real-time Events
I first heard of the real-time agile developer platform from VANTIQ three years ago when I was at Hannover exploring the beginnings of the EdgeX Foundry from Linux Foundation.
San Francisco – August 17, 2020
Forbes (feat. CEO Marty Sprinzen) – Building The New Workplace Command Center
Privacy concerns have limited IoT–related data integration projects in the past, but an emphasis on public health has led to increased data sharing.
San Francisco – August 26, 2020
Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!
Washington D.C. – May 20, 2020
VANTIQ Recognized By SIAA CODiE Awards as Best Platform as a Service for 2020
Upcoming Webinar: Bring BIM to Life - Using Real-time Data and Digital Twin Technology for Building Operations
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