VANTIQ Response to Coronavirus Concerns

A Message from our CEO

To the VANTIQ Community,

Everyone is, of course, impacted in major ways by the Coronavirus. Although it may be challenging, it is important for all of us to follow the local rules. We need to get to the light at the end of the tunnel. Probably, as with most things like this, we underestimate the short term and overestimate the long term impacts. As has happened in China and S Korea, the new case rate is expected to decrease in the not too distant future. We need to have confidence that appropriate actions–albeit drastic ones–are being taken to assure this happens in the geographies now most affected.

An amazing observation is how many people are out on the front lines and doing whatever they can (medical professionals, first responders, government employees, and those working to keep required lifelines, such as food, drugs and energy, operating effectively) to keep the world working as best as possible. In many ways it is an amazing coordinated worldwide response unlike anything I’ve seen in my lifetime. It is a time to be proud of how mankind is stepping up. It is time to support each other worldwide.

The stress on all of us is high. Especially for those of us who know someone who is personally physically impacted. At VANTIQ, we have a very powerful and sophisticated work force. We will get through this and be stronger for it–even if it changes how we operate in the long run. A few of us have noticed that we are actually getting more done by working at home. If our concerns are about shortages of toilet paper, we are in a good place. Let’s hope it stays that way.

We have a VANTIQ application that was built in China that will be used to track people in physical locations such as medical centers to help prevent the spread of the virus. We have two similar ones that will potentially be developed in Singapore and Germany.

Our software can help manage the dramatic changes that the world is going through. As most of you know, helping with the environment is one of the primary reasons the company was founded. There will undoubtedly be many changes in how the world operates. I’m sure we would all feel great if we can help in this transition. Please assist in any way you can and give thought to how our software can rapidly create applications to offer assistance. Let our partners know of our intent here. Let’s make a difference.

We will get through this and be stronger. Be healthy.


Marty Sprinzen

CEO Vantiq


CLICK HERE to read more about the applications being built to combat Coronavirus

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