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Smart Building

Real-time insight and control over building operations to ensure a safe and secure workplace
The Vantiq
Our platform ingests and analyzes streaming data from new and existing IoT devices, enterprise systems, cameras, and more to create real time situational awareness on the edge and build smart building applications 10x faster.
Integrate building management systems
Connected maintenance
Increased productivity
Reduced energy consumption
Increased safety & security
Vantiq Smart Building Partners
Smart Building Applications
Imagine your Smart Building powered by Vantiq:
Ensure a safe & secure office environment for employees and visitors returning to the workplace
Quickly pinpoint potential outbreaks and monitor people of interest through highly congested spaces
Integrate room occupancy sensors, medical supplies, and hospital systems in real time to improve patient health
Coordinate student schedules and rapidly implement health precautions to ensure children a safe return to school
Rapidly build Smart Building solutions to safely return to work
The Back to Work Accelerator combines asset monitoring, contact tracing, access management, symptom detection, physical distancing, and safety compliance to slow the spread of disease and allow for the safest possible work environment. These six components combined with Vantiq’s low-code development approach enables the fastest ideation to application on the market.
the Vantiq

Vantiq HQ
Smart Building Deployment
Take a peek under the hood of Vantiq’s internal Smart Building deployment, Project Q.
Download one of our many Smart Building related resources or check out our resource center for the entire Vantiq content catalog
Digital Twin Whitepaper
RT Insights Report: Why Smart Cities Need EDA
SoftBank Smart City & Smart Building Initiatives
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