Smart Manufacturing

Smart manufacturing systems enable dramatically improved quality levels and increased flexibility of manufacturing processes – especially those including a human component.

• Lack of insight into key performance indicators on the factory floor

• Slow adoption of new technology and innovations for the manufacturing process

• Complex integration between disparate tools, systems and protocols

• Ability to respond to unplanned changes and disruptive events on the line

• High volumes of data and/or latency concerns requires data to be processed on the edge

• Difficulty creating connected environments utilizing technologies in the cloud or on the factory floor such as IoT sensors and robots

• High cost and time associated with developing new digital practices such as predictive analytics


Application monitors data streams from the factory floor to identify key indicators such as performance and profitability in order to respond to the health and maintenance of factory floor machines providing automation and to improve the operational efficiency and lifetime of those machines.

Relevant Industries

Manufacturers of all types

VANTIQ Example

VANTIQ is currently working with the McKinsey Digital Capabilities Center in Chicago to pilot these concepts. Sensors on an assembly line are processed by VANTIQ to identify “loss” situations where the velocity of parts produced by the assembly line operators falls below a set limit. The factory floor supervisor is provided with contextual live data as to where the loss occurred so that any roadblocks and bottlenecks can be removed allowing the operators to function at peak capacity.

Additionally VANTIQ is monitoring the CNC milling machine that is used to create parts for the assembly line and simple business rules can identify preventive maintenance situations in real-time which allows the CNC system to avoid unexpected breakdowns which would damage the performance and profitability of the factory floor. The system also automates the notification of tech dispatch for repair and provides key metrics and analytics around the KPI for the factory floor in real-time with alerts and notifications for when they fall short of target values.

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