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Environmental Monitoring

that streamlines your operational oversight
Act in
Real Time

Gathering information from a network of highly distributed sensors and acting on situation critical events in real time is near impossible to do manually.

With Vantiq, you can sense, analyze and act on data from multiple types of environmental monitoring sensors, all in real time.

Imagine your Environmental Monitoring powered by Vantiq:
Immediately locate, notify and assign appropriate personnel if an issue is detected based on location, training and equipment
Predict outages before they happen so you can be ready when crisis hits
Work intelligently with sensors going continuously on and offline
Analyze data from multiple different sensor inputs at the same time
See Vantiq's approach to
Environmental Monitoring in action:

Look at how environmental monitoring sensor data is ingested and analyzed in Vantiq with the help of an integrated object recognition system.

Having a real-time flow of sensory data allows you to rapidly react to changes in any environment. This has many real-world applications, ranging from natural disaster preparedness to preventative maintenance monitoring.

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