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In the News

Bits In Glass Adds VANTIQ as New Event-Driven Application Partner

Denver, Colorado – February 4, 2020 – Bits In Glass, an award-winning software consulting firm serving clients across North America, is pleased to announce that the company has added a new event-driven software partner: VANTIQ. Under the reseller agreement, Bits In Glass will develop real-time, event-driven business solutions based on VANTIQ’s high-productivity application development platform.

An event-driven approach allows businesses to quickly build and deploy real-time software applications using the latest advances in IoT, machine learning, and edge computing. The VANTIQ platform uses an event-driven architecture to analyze how events are occurring and changing throughout a business operation in real-time, and enables people and machines to collaborate on the most appropriate actions for the biggest impact.

“Adding event-driven architecture allows us to further elevate our clients’ digital transformation journey by enabling them to solve highly complex, large-volume, dynamic business challenges,” says Lee Mainman, VP Sales and Marketing and Partner at Bits In Glass. “We’re excited to bring over 15 years of digital transformation experience to complement the VANTIQ platform and offer this new technology to our clients.”

Healthcare, financial services, energy, smart cities, and manufacturing are some of the key industries that BIG anticipates benefiting from the addition of event-driven applications.

“VANTIQ completely transforms how companies build and deploy applications to increase agility and maximize competitive advantage,” said Marty Sprinzen, CEO and co-founder of VANTIQ. “This partnership with Bits In Glass offers a great way for companies to reap the benefits of modern applications built by a consultancy focused on high-value digital transformation projects.”

VANTIQ is a strategic addition to the Bits In Glass line-up of impressive technology partnerships. Bits In Glass is also trusted partners with Appian for business process automation, MuleSoft for systems integration, and Blue Prism for robotic process automation.


About Bits In Glass
Bits In Glass is an award-winning software consulting firm that helps companies outpace the competition, drive rapid growth, and deliver superior customer value through the use of technology. Our expert consultants find the most innovative solutions to solve complex business challenges across multiple industries and verticals. With hundreds of years of in-house experience, we’re the partner of choice for many business transformation projects, working with market leaders who are disrupting and driving transformation across every aspect of modern business. Learn more at bitsinglass.com.

Customers around the globe rely on VANTIQ to create the next generation of transformative digital applications that power real-time business. VANTIQ’s unique low-code application development platform is ideally suited for mission-critical applications for smart cities/buildings, oil and gas, telecommunications and other industries that require an event-driven architecture (EDA). Founded in 2015 by renowned business and technology leaders Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, VANTIQ dramatically reduces time-to-market, lowers development and maintenance costs, and provides maximum agility in response to constantly changing operational requirements. Learn more at vantiq.com.

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