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Teneo Case Study

Next-Generation Real-Time
Roadside and Accident Assistance System

Teneo Technologies (Teneo) uses Vantiq to develop a next generation real-time roadside and accident assistance solution for a premier global insurer. 
With Vantiq, Teneo was able to develop this integrated system for one of the biggest European insurers for its Malaysian entity.  The system redefines the customer experience and digitizes the end-to-end support assistance journey while reducing handling time from an average of three hours to below one hour.
50% reduction in application development time
Improved productivity and efficiency of the contact center personnel
75% reduction in time to process claims
80% increase in customer satisfaction

Imagine this: you are sending your child to school on a typical workday and you collide with another vehicle. Aside from the safety of everyone, you immediately wonder how to get assistance and if your insurance will cover the cost of the accident.

Amidst this chaos, most of us would not know what to do or who to contact – the most logical would be your insurer. An insurance accident claim process can be a very labor-intensive and stressful process.  In rendering assistance, the customer service agent will give you a fixed set of leading questions such as the condition of the vehicle, your location, troubleshooting, etc. They will also explain your entitlements, and despatch suitable assistance to help you during this unfortunate situation. This entire process is very time consuming, frustrating, and expensive.

Finding the nearest available tow truck or technician and dispatching them to the incident locations is an on-going challenge due to the limited visibility on fleet availability and also manual and labor-intensive process, let alone if the incident is in a remote location.

Here lies the challenge. How can technology help in simplifying manual and complicated processes to improve the overall experience of the customers, contact center, and also the tow truck provider – at a much-improved cost and efficiency level?

“To solve the multi-facet complicated challenge during an accident or breakdown situation, we use Vantiq to process real-time data in order to deliver the desired outcome and experience. This enabled us to address this complex challenge at a much faster speed and lower cost. ”
- Jeffri Shahul Hamid, Founder and CEO of Teneo Technologies
Teneo partnered with both the Insurer and Vantiq to develop an integrated bespoke solution to solve these challenges:
Collaboration Between Agent, Customer, and System
A much improved digital customer journey for the Insurer, its clients and their service providers within a single platform during accident and breakdown assistance. It is a one-stop fleet management system that leverages on real-time resource management, simplifying internal processes with improved controls.
Real-Time Data Analysis with Accident Information
Time is crucial in the event of an accident in order to ensure the safety of everyone involved and to minimize the impact. By using the real-time technology, location and activity data is fed into the Vantiq platform where it is analyzed for an immediate action to be taken. Real-time information also allows billing with the service providers to be automated and this improves reconciliation accuracy. Insightful and real-time analytics provides the Insurer with critical business information that is needed for continuous service improvement.
Distributed Computing Capabilities
Vantiq's real-time platform enabled multiple real-time data streams to be collected, processed, and analyzed for an informed decision to be made. The readily available capabilities in Vantiq allow immediate processing of various signals without any latency or performance issues.
"With Vantiq's round the clock global support, we were able to conceptualize, design, and build the real-time processing components of the QuickAssist solution efficiently. Our engineers were also able to familiarise themselves with Vantiq's technology in a very short time."
- Jeffri Shahul Hamid, Founder and CEO of Teneo Technologies
Engineered by Teneo. Powered by Vantiq.
Quicker turnaround time for each case

With QuickAssist, the average time taken for each reported accident or breakdown was reduced from an average of 3 hours to under an hour. This translates into productivity gain and cost-saving –  with a more efficient workflow process for customer service agents, tow truck providers, and customers.

Increased customer satisfaction and confidence

After the implementation of the QuickAssist system, the client saw an increase in satisfaction and/or brand awareness from the customers, tow truck providers, and customer service agents.

Vastly reduced development time

When this project was initially forecasted by Teneo, it was estimated to take six months to develop and implement their real-time claim tracking system. By using Vantiq’s low-code development tools the project was designed and deployed in less than 3 months.

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