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The Future of Generative AI: Situationally Aware and Automated

Generative AI (genAI) is about to change computing in a huge way, similar to the transformation brought about by the internet. GenAI allows us to use a vast amount of information – much more than previous AI could – and come up with countless ideas. Right now, we mostly interact with genAI by asking questions in simple language, and it gives us answers. This is going to make people much more productive and the world more efficient. Soon, everyone with a smartphone will be using genAI, either directly or through apps. While genAI is part of the AI revolution, it’s very different from older AI/ML technologies. Earlier AI was limited to specific tasks. For example, an AI application could assist in reading a patient’s X-rays but is incapable of producing analysis via text or suggesting treatments. GenAI, on the other hand, can handle these broader tasks when prompted by a human.

However, relying solely on humans to create genAI prompts presents some difficulties. This method requires people to gather data, feed it into the system as a prompt, analyze the output, and then either pass on the information or act, as well as update the system when changes occur. It’s crucial to recognize that when humans handle these tasks, the system’s efficiency might suffer. Human-managed data may not always be as consistent, accurate, or timely as data managed by a computer or data that is being produced in real-time. Soon, software solutions are expected to emerge that can automate these labor-intensive tasks, enhancing the overall effectiveness and reliability of the system.

The next step for genAI is to operate automatically, without human input, to enhance results and performance in almost any scenario, whether it’s been encountered before or not. To do this, software will need to gather real-time data (like from cameras) and be programmed to request recommendations. Essentially, computer applications will start using genAI in the same way humans do now. These applications will be designed to seek advice and, in some cases, act on that advice.

Much like in the early days of the internet, it’s difficult to predict all the ways genAI will be used. For instance, no one foresaw the rise of social media. We’re entering an exciting period where improvements in safety and efficiency are within reach. This isn’t just a fantasy from science fiction; it’s a real future we’re moving towards.

Before generative AI burst onto the scene, Vantiq specialized in gathering and analyzing data in real-time from various sensors and systems, working alongside humans. Now, Vantiq has evolved to create applications that can automatically generate prompts for generative AI systems. These systems might include a private Language Learning Model (pLLM) with company-specific data, a public LLM, or a combination of multiple LLMs, all without human intervention.

Vantiq is designed to adapt dynamically. When situations change, it updates its prompts with the latest data, often adding more detail. Moreover, Vantiq is capable of learning while managing tasks. It constantly updates a private context database in real time, enhancing its knowledge base and making its responses more effective.

For instance, consider a scenario where Vantiq directs pedestrians to a bridge as a safe route during a flood. If the bridge suddenly collapses, Vantiq promptly ceases to recommend this path and reroutes those already directed there. This adaptability allows Vantiq to support intelligent applications that rely on a variety of inputs, including logic, multiple AI systems, and other pertinent system data. This vision paints a picture of a world where real-time data from sensors (e.g., a camera) and services (e.g., weather) is analyzed and the results are automatically provided to generative AI–as a prompt–to create advice on what to orchestrate. As things change, the system will automatically update its orchestrations of advice and machine changes.

Picture a factory where a machine suddenly shows an unusual sensor reading, like a voltage drop. Instead of merely alerting a technician, a Vantiq-powered application can do much more. It not only warns the operator but also, by consulting a database of the company’s manuals and repair instructions, suggests immediate solutions.

In critical situations, generative AI steps in to quickly involve humans in decision-making or may even start safety protocols on its own to prevent accidents, all while keeping human operators informed. To ensure accuracy and avoid any erroneous decisions (sometimes referred to as “hallucinations” in AI), Vantiq can use a unique approach. It cross-references multiple systems for their input on the best course of action, automating responses only when there’s a consensus among these systems. This method, which is currently patent pending, adds an extra layer of reliability and safety to the decision-making process.

In the healthcare realm, Vantiq applications can aid in many areas, such as remotely monitoring patients. Using generative AI to draw on historical, patient-specific data as well as live streams of information from wearables or medical devices (such as body-worn sensors or even ventilators), clinicians can receive real-time clinical decision support. When a patient’s readings veer off, the system reaches out to multiple Language Learning Models (LLMs), merging their insights to enhance accuracy and reliability. This collaborative AI approach is like a roundtable of virtual specialists, each offering their wisdom to form a more complete picture.

The outcome? Clinicians receive immediate, tailored recommendations, as if they have an AI assistant at their side, assisting with the best course of action based on the patient’s unique health narrative. This isn’t just about data analysis; it’s about weaving together strands of information to create a safety net that continuously adapts and learns, ensuring that care delivery is not just timely, but also deeply attuned to each patient’s needs.

The future of GenAI lies in its integration with real-time systems, as illustrated by the examples given. In this new era, systems will automatically channel contextually relevant data into generative AI for deeper analysis and guidance. This advancement is set to transform the collaboration between systems and humans, paving the way for a new world in which systems intelligently collaborate with humans.

Vantiq is at the forefront of this emerging market, having seamlessly woven genAI into its comprehensive suite of technologies that manage activities in real-time. This fusion of real-time processing with generative capabilities is poised to revolutionize the use of computers in critical fields like safety, defense, and healthcare. Vantiq is not just participating in this shift; it’s leading the charge, ushering in a new era of technological innovation and application.

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