High-Productivity Development Platform
for Event-Driven, Real-Time Collaborative Applications


your event-driven, enterprise nervous system – applications that connect your devices, systems, and people together in real time.

A new generation of digital applications sits at the intersection of streams of data about business ‘events’ being generated by mobile devices, IoT sensors, business systems, and people – an enterprise nervous system.

According to Gartner, by 2020:
“50% of new user-facing applications will be event-driven applications.”


your digital business transformation with a high-productivity, rapid application development and deployment platform.

VANTIQ is designed from the ground-up as a full-lifecycle, high-productivity application platform that uses logical abstractions and visual methods to reduce the complexity of developing, deploying, and maintaining event-driven, real-time applications by at least an order of magnitude vs. legacy approaches.

Your applications can span the cloud, on-prem, edge nodes, and mobile devices, yet are quick to develop, easy to deploy, and highly manageable.


your organization’s people by enabling powerful human-to-machine collaboration.

In most complex systems, the intuition and experience of humans is required to achieve valuable business outcomes.

VANTIQ dramatically simplifies the creation of dynamic, real-time collaborative systems that enable highly-effective interactions between people and computer systems.


Collaborative, event-driven applications could include:

Field Service

Assigning the appropriate service technician to a job based on equipment, expertise and location and collaborating to implement the correct fix.


Real-time location tracking and optimal scheduling of people and equipment involved with commercial transportation systems.


Dynamically and contextually monitoring streams of in-store data to allow sales associates to optimize the shopping experience for retail customers.

Supply Chain

Adding context to data from IoT sensors in a supply chain to provide managers with real-time recommendations to best meet the needs of particular accounts.


Robots and workers collaborating to create customized products in short production runs based on the experience of operators with computer guidance.


Food producers continuously auditing data feeds from drones and sensors to adjust applications of water and fertilizer, and optimize approaches to harvesting.

Health Care

Monitoring patient vital signs — in real-time collaboration with doctors, nurses, and multiple machines — to provide the most effective and timely care.


Evaluating status of machines in water treatment plants in real time providing intelligent direction to personnel during regular maintenance procedures.


Human surveillance of financial data streams for financial and operational risk management and straight through processing of loans and insurance policies.

With VANTIQ, you can create applications as innovative and powerful as these,
more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

Data Sheet VANTIQ Application Platform Data Sheet

VANTIQ enables software applications to be rapidly built using modern digital technologies augmented with business logic.


White Paper Real-time Collaborative Systems

This white paper describes systems that enable a new paradigm of realtime collaboration amongst systems and people. We refer to these systems as Smart Systems.


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