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Casne Engineering Partners with Vantiq to Develop Real-Time Systems for Industrial Customers

BELLEVUE, WA and WALNUT CREEK, CA, January 11, 2022 – Casne Engineering, the leading full-service engineering, systems integration, and technology services company, announced today that it has formed a partnership with Vantiq, provider of the leading low-code enterprise development platform for distributed edge-to-cloud real-time applications. Casne will act as a Vantiq ISV partner to develop and bring-to-market advanced industrial IoT solutions for North American customers.

Casne provides a wide range of consulting engineering technology and services to its customers across industry sectors like power and utilities, oil and gas, transportation, and critical infrastructure in facilities. By partnering with Vantiq, Casne is leveraging the company’s agile platform for real-time data monitoring and processing to rapidly build and deploy scalable IoT applications for industrial automation and smart space solutions.

“Casne needed a cloud-based platform-as-a-service that is adept at orchestrating the acquisition and analysis of real-time event data,” said Nick Wiley, Executive Vice President for Casne. “We evaluated over a dozen different solutions against multiple parameters and Vantiq rose above the rest. We’re excited about the partnership and believe it positions us well as a product developer and system integrator to deliver the services and solutions required by our clients.”

Using the Vantiq platform, Casne plans to develop solutions for collecting, analyzing, and delivering IoT sensor data across the myriad industries that Casne serves today. Casne is already in development of one such solution that has applications in renewable energy. Casne expects that the partnership with Vantiq will also open doors into other use cases and industries in which they have not previously been active.

“Through partnerships with top engineering firms like Casne, we are helping businesses innovate and  deploy mission-critical IoT systems in ways that were previously not possible,” said Miguel Nhuch, CRO for Vantiq. “When data from millions of IoT devices can be reliably processed and analyzed the moment events occur, instant decisions and responses are made possible that bring a new level of automation and intelligence to industrial environments. We’re excited to be part of Casne’s efforts to transform their customers’ businesses and industries at large.”


About Casne 

Casne Engineering brings over 40 years of success in professional engineering, technology integration, and support services. Casne Engineering gives a full range of system integration services for process industries and utilities. Specific areas of expertise cover industrial networks, custom control panels, process controls, graphics, and device communications.  For more information, please visit Casne Engineering at www.casne.com, or on LinkedIn.  

About Vantiq

Vantiq is the leading low-code platform for building and deploying real-time distributed solutions. Built on a next-generation event-driven architecture, Vantiq enables highly scalable and low-latency analysis of real-time streaming data from IoT devices, cameras, and enterprise systems to drive situational awareness for safety, security, and operational efficiency. Vantiq was founded in 2015 by software veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. For more information, please visit Vantiq at www.vantiq.com. Or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  


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