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Man-Machine CollaborationX
8 Solutions
Vantiq Certified
Back To Work Accelerator
Rapidly Build Workplace Safety Solutions to Re-Open Businesses. Real-time monitoring, analyzing, and acting on what is happening around the workplace.
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Vantiq Certified
Real-Time Safety Monitoring & Response
by Infosys
Detect threats, identify situations of interest, and orchestrate appropriate actions.
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Agile operation system for Smart Building
by Bimernet
Links the virtual world and the physical world, providing a reporting and operating platform for smart building management.
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Connected Hospital Application
by Bits in Glass
Provide more clear and integrated information for medical and facility staff, and improve the efficiency of hospital operation and asset management through real-time alert functionality.
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Covid-19 Outbreak Control System
by Giconnect
A fully functional smart building application to increase the safety and security of buildings and their occupants.
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EVENTIQ - Stock & staff management for large events
by parcs IT-Consulting
The EVENTIQ app enables the hosts of large events (e.g. festivals) to manage stock, staff, and delivery tasks in real-time in order to increase profitability and optimize the customer experience
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Real-Time Translation for Human-Machine Interfaces (4HMI)
by Infosquare
AI-Enabled Real-Time Translation of More than 140 Languages to Increase Language Capabilities of Any Part of Your Business
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Track & Trace for Supply Chain Management
by Infosquare
Track Every Part of Your Supply Chain in Real-Time and Manage Logistics Operations with a Single Integrated Dashboard
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