EVENTIQ – Stock & staff management for large events

The EVENTIQ app enables the hosts of large events (e.g. festivals) to manage stock, staff, and delivery tasks in real-time in order to increase profitability and optimize the customer experience
EVENTIQ is a mobile app that provides real-time intelligence for the stock and staff management of large-scale events (sports, music, entertainment, etc.). It enables event organizers to enhance operational efficiency during an event, to improve the service to guests, and to ultimately increase revenue and profits. This can be achieved by efficient staff coordination and by real-time stock management, e.g. of food, beverage, and merchandise. Tracking the transport of supplies on-site or between various sites of an event enables organizers to prevent theft and reduce losses of stock and money.
  • Real-time stock management
  • Delivery task management
  • Effective staff coordination
  • Premium customer service
  • Operational efficiency
  • Monitoring through supervisors
  • Increasing profits



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Find out about the features and benefits of our stock and delivery task management application

EVENTIQ helps event organizers to manage the challenges of truly large-scale events typically taking place at multiple sites with multiple points of sale and over several days, with 5000+ participants and large numbers of distributed staff that need to be coordinated effectively. Our mobile app allows you to map the entire event location with all zones and sites and to define the shortest internal supply paths from storage rooms to points of sales.

EVENTIQ enables you to keep track of inventory at each individual point of sale. By monitoring changes of stock in real-time, you can have supplies refilled well on time and thus prevent running out of stock. You can define minimum stock levels which automatically trigger replenishment (i.e. transport from the storage room to point of sale) by sending real-time notifications to the mobile devices of delivery staff. On the other hand, you can define maximum “stock” levels for the amount of cash held at each point of sale: the cash would be removed via a “Collect Request” once a pre-defined threshold is reached.

When customers place orders via mobile devices, all waiters are automatically notified about new open orders. Waiters can accept these orders on their mobile devices, thus eliminating the need to physically go to the table to take an order. EVENTIQ makes the whole order process very transparent: Accepting an order will change the order status from “open” to “accepted”, and the new order will disappear from the “open orders” list of all other waiters. Thus, the responsibilities are absolutely clear.

Supervisors can draw status overviews (e.g. of stock, open orders, or open transport tasks) on their mobile devices at any time. If, for example, the total available stock of beverages in all storage rooms of the site runs low, ad-hoc orders can be placed with external suppliers.

Last but not least some more technical information: EVENTIQ runs on Android and iOS mobile devices (phones and tablets). The app has a backend allowing you to import event-specific data, to define stock-keeping units, and to do an advanced roles and rights management for different user groups (waiters, bar staff, runners, supervisors). If needed, EVENTIQ can easily be integrated with other IT systems that are essential for your company.

  • Monitor and manage inventory in real-time
  • Coordinate distributed staff at different sites
  • Track goods during transports within your location
  • Prevent theft, avoid losses
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Increase the revenue and profitability
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