Connected Hospital Application

Provide more clear and integrated information for medical and facility staff, and improve the efficiency of hospital operation and asset management through real-time alert functionality.
Powered by VANTIQ, our connected hospital application helps healthcare providers manage hygiene compliance as well as monitor their assets, staff, and patients with real-time location tracking.
  • Integration of all the different applications with the minimal user interface
  • Real Time Location Systems: Provide the ability to track patients, staff, and assets throughout the facility
  • Patient Monitoring: Enable continuous monitoring and real-time alerts for patients
  • Hygiene Compliance: Enforce proper hygiene and monitor utilization of hand sanitizer stations throughout the facility
  • Refrigeration Temperature Control: Doctors and nurses will be notified when a refrigeration unit is failing to maintain a certain temperature range during operation
  • Bed Weight Sensor: Doctors and nurses in closest proximity to the patient room will be notified when a patient gets out of bed when they aren’t supposed to.
  • The blueprint functionality that allows the developer to map out the facility floor plan and pinpoint places.

Hospitals are always looking for more ways to keep both their staff and patients safe and informed. Powered by VANTIQ, our connected hospital application helps healthcare providers manage hygiene compliance and monitor their staff, patients, and assets.

To ensure proper hygiene compliance in the hospital and reduce staff and patient risks, the application can monitor the use of hand sanitizer dispensers throughout the facility and provide alerts to facility staff to ensure dispensers are filled when the volume drops below a configurable threshold.

With real-time location tracking, the application provides the ability to track and monitor patients, staff, and assets like wheelchairs, ventilators, MRI machines, and much more. Doctors and nurses receive real-time information on asset location, reducing disorganization, and improving productivity. It can also monitor the temperature of refrigeration units and temperature controlled assets with automated notifications for changes in temperature.

Our connected hospital application also enables continuous real-time monitoring of patients based on vitals and other medical data from the EHR for time-sensitive issues such as sepsis. With automated alerts based on patient room sensors, doctors and nurses have better insight into real-time patient health data to immediately respond to abnormal conditions.

  • Reduce maintenance cost by the real-time location system
  • Improve the efficiency of the hospital operation
  • Provides better quality of service to the patients
  • Avoid unnecessary medical scrap due to refrigerator storage temperature
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