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AI-Enabled Monitoring of Factory Workers
by BroaderBiz, Inc
Camera-Based AI Detection System in a Food Manufacturing Factory to Improve Worker Safety and Food Quality Assurance
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Connected Hospital Application
by Bits in Glass
Provide more clear and integrated information for medical and facility staff, and improve the efficiency of hospital operation and asset management through real-time alert functionality.
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Covid-19 Outbreak Control System
by Winwin Software
A fully functional smart building application to increase the safety and security of buildings and their occupants.
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Image recognition for security
by Glotech
Analyzed video footage with 4D tracking of people and objects such as luggage, AI detection of situations
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Intelligent Elevator Monitoring Platform
Use VANTIQ to monitor the operation of tens or even several hundred thousand elevators in real time, and count the running conditions: online, alerts, etc.
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Measures against heat stroke for IoW (Internet of Workers)
by Daiko-Denshi
Accidents due to heat stroke of workers occur every year at high-temperature work sites such as factories. It is a solution for workers to wear a smart watch so that workers in the factory can be seen
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Monitoring of Things™ Real-Time Smart Building System
by Ricoh Innovations
Monitor facilities, equipment, occupancy and smart buildings; provide alerts and visual evidence in real-time.
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Real-Time Construction Crew Safety Monitoring
by OGIS-Ri Co., Ltd
Monitor the safety of workers on construction sites laying and maintaining gas pipelines.
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