Track & Trace for Supply Chain Management

Track Every Part of Your Supply Chain in Real-Time and Manage Logistics Operations with a Single Integrated Dashboard
Internet of Things (IoT) applications can bring disparate parts of your supply chain together to create an information ecosystem that benefits all of its participants. Visibility into milestones like current status, location, transit times, ETA, documentation, and more, allows shippers to improve operations, capture and share data for analytics, and improve the movement of goods. Companies using such solutions that provide comprehensive, multi-modal data in a consolidated real-time platform improve global efficiency, cost control, and customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time tracking of delivery vehicles, containers, pallets, and goods
  • Real-time collaboration with drivers using either SMS or a dedicated mobile application
  • Support any IoT connectivity (LoRa, Sigfox, 2G/3G/4G, etc.)
  • Existing integration with most ERPs and CRMs
  • 24x7 control tower for front-line action Integration with virtually any TMS (transport order import in PDF/EDI/EDIFACT/ebXML and status update)
  • Provides a single window to view real-time shipment status, the exact location of the vehicle, and relevant analytics
  • Define geo-fencing rules for route deviations and unauthorized stops
  • Customized detection for incidents and warnings
  • Possibility to plug any advanced analytics and reporting tools
  • Highly scalability – from field test to complete rollout

The Infosquare Track & Trace solution is built on top of the real-time and event-driven VANTIQ platform. Designed to address the challenges and help companies significantly reduce the complexity of their transportation management and integrate their business and logistics processes. One of the major challenges for shippers and logistics service providers is to track the shipment on the move and identify any disruptions during the course of transportation.

This solution helps you leverage the most advanced technology to streamline your logistics and transportation processes and enhance their efficiency. You can cut costs while simultaneously improving the quality of your services and your on-time performance.

The Infosquare solution tracks goods using new generation IoT sensors. Data from sensors is streamed in the cloud and is used for processing with tracking goods locations to maintain a clearer overview and streamline their logistics and supply chain management. Trucks, pallets, or goods are equipped with an IoT sensor and linked to the shipping information during the pairings. The sensor then transmits information to the Cloud over time intervals. Depending on customer requirements, the data relevant for product quality, such as temperature, humidity, and vibration, can also be communicated.

The relevant information is available to the users either from a web-based or a mobile application in real-time and can be made available to company IT systems, such as ERP or transport management systems, through standard interfaces.

  • Customer care and Customer service: Access to real-time data keeps the receiving customer informed happy and reduces the customer support burden.
  • Dispute or conflict resolution: Disputes leading to chargebacks can now be resolved with data evidence and will lead to reduced multi-party negotiations as well as insurance premiums.
  • Reduced product shrinkage: Real-time monitoring can help reduce loss or shrinkage of products in the supply chain, including that resulting from damage or theft. When this occurs, forensics can determine when and where the loss occurs.
  • Data sharing for supply chains: By giving tiered access to the real-time data from shipments, everyone in the supply chain can be made aware of the location and condition of goods in transit, so when there is an incident or exception, anyone is able to be proactive as opposed to being reactive within their own supply chain.
  • Improved product quality: Tracking solution can assist you in delivering a superior product in terms of quality to your customer. The continuous monitoring of goods makes sure that your customer is never surprised when your product arrives that it is not in the best condition possible.
  • Decrease in warehousing costs: In the global supply chain time is money. Having to overstock in a warehouse or storage facility in order to have buffer or safety stock for late shipment arrivals, shipping errors cost your business money. Real-time visibility allows you to be much leaner over time and free up cash previously tied up in inventory.
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Founded by Information Management experts, Infosquare is an IT consulting company which specializes in providing Information, Process, Document and Records management solutions. We pride ourselves on delivering and implementing the most suitable Information Management solutions according to our customers' needs and requirements. Utilizing expert personnel and a broad portfolio of world-leading EIM technologies (Big Data, NoSQL, ECM, Real-Time, etc.), we improve critical business processes that leverage the management of both structured and unstructured data while providing seamless integration with existing IT environments.

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