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Mitsuiwa Case Study

Dispatch System

Mitsuiwa utilized Vantiq to create a system that dispatches customer engineers to respond to incidents and computer breakdown requests in real-time.
With Vantiq, Mitsuiwa was able to develop a Real-time Dispatch System that replaces the manual processes of their operators, automates the dispatch process, and resolves labor shortage issues.
67% reduction in dispatch response time
2.5 less personnel required to fulfill requests
1000+ maintenance requests per month automatically matched and responded to
Higher customer satisfaction

At Mitsuiwa, Customer Engineers (CE) respond to more than 1,000 customer requests (including maintenance personnel, security guards, caregivers, and more) every month. In the past, an operator would receive a request, refer to the personnel’s skills and schedule, and then contact multiple by phone or e-mail to find a match, taking an average of 30 minutes per case to complete. When working at the customer’s location or on the move, the personnel were often not available to take a call. This meant the operators had to contact them again and again, resulting in frustration for CEs and a longer response time for customers.

In addition, due to the national decrease in the working population caused by the declining birthrate and aging population, it is difficult to hire more operators and maintenance personnel to quickly respond to issues.

The Real-Time Dispatch System was developed to optimize operations within a limited workforce and resolve these challenges.

"The Real-time Dispatch System allows us to make optimal arrangements for a limited number of personnel. As a result of implementing Vantiq, we were able to achieve a cost reduction of more than 2.5 persons per month."
- Hironobu Takahashi | Managing Director, General Manager of Service Engineering @ Mitsuiwa
Intelligent Personnel Assignment
By utilizing Vantiq, Mitsuiwa’s dispatch system is now able to automatically select the appropriate responder for the request, confirm availability and schedule a time, and collect the work completion report after the job is done all with minimal input from Customer Engineers (CEs).

This is done through the power of asynchronous processing, allowing for multiple different workflow processes to be run at the same time. In the previous non-real-time system CEs would have to do each step in the process manually, leading to longer wait times for customers and a much less efficient business model.
Seamless Human-Machine Collaboration
One of the biggest challenges for Mitsuiwa is receiving timely and accurate feedback from their various service personnel while they are in the field. This led to Customer Engineers (CEs) having to contact service personnel multiple times throughout the process in order to ensure everything was going as planned and advise on next steps.

By developing their Real-Time Dispatch System on Vantiq, Mitsuiwa’s service personnel are now able to intelligently collaborate with the dispatch system through the use of a mobile app. This ensures CEs are kept in the loop and the system runs smoothly from the moment service personnel start their day by entering their availability and preferred times, to inputting updates along the way as tasks are completed. CEs no longer have to repeatedly phone service personnel or send multiple emails, everything is updated in real-time as it happens.
"By using real-time data processing, we were able to select candidates by referring to the scheduler and their current locations and decide on responders in a shorter period of time."
- Hironobu Takahashi | Managing Director, General Manager of Service Engineering @ Mitsuiwa
Reduction of time and cost required for dispatching responders

Mitsuiwa is now able to select candidates by matching their skills, schedule, and current locations, to decide on the correct responders in a much shorter period of time. This resulted in a much shorter time between an incident occurring and the CEs arrival at a destination, reducing the average time required to arrange personnel from 30 minutes to 10 minutes per case.

Higher customer satisfaction

The Real-time Dispatch System not only reduces the workload of the operators, but also the response time for customers. By automatically matching and dispatching the closest engineer with the right skillset, the real-time system improves work efficiency, enhances the customer experience, and increases customer satisfaction.

Resolve labor shortage

In an aging country like Japan, businesses are often faced with labor shortages. The Real-time Dispatch System automates the manual work for the operators, improving productivity so that Mitsuiwa can serve a larger network of customers with fewer dispatch centers. The system can also be applied to other operations such as security guards or caregivers to help with limited workforce issues.

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