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TotalEnergies and Vantiq: Saving Lives in the Oil and Gas Industry

Use Case/Industry Specific

The oil and gas industry is no stranger to accidents and disasters that can add up to billions of dollars in damages – and the unfortunate loss of human life in a matter of seconds. The physical and digital environments they operate in create large-scale complexities, making it extremely challenging to integrate systems and devices needed to gather intelligence requiring immediate action when a potential incident occurs.

The global multi-energy company TotalEnergies is taking significant steps to improve efficiencies and strengthen safety protocols by implementing a real-time accident prevention system named TADI (Total Anomaly Detection Initiative). This system alerts refinery workers to events of interest and provides a suggested course of action in emergency situations. Early on, the company realized that developing this solution in-house would require a team of specialists to piece together multiple technologies that don’t easily integrate. The project would take far too long and ultimately would not provide the agility necessary to protect human life in such a high-risk environment. Enter Vantiq.

The Total team reached out to Vantiq to simplify the development, deployment, and operations of TADI. The system, built with the Vantiq real-time event-driven platform, enables early anomaly detection of incidents and improved diagnostics – all of which are sent to operators in real-time before becoming critical incidents. Using Vantiq’s real-time event-driven technology, Total was able to shorten the development time to build the TADI application to three months with the following characteristics:

    • Agile System Architecture: Vantiq’s low-code development approach abstracts away thousands of lines of code, decreasing development time and allowing for rapid iteration of applications in response to unforeseen events. In the oil and gas industry, this can mean the difference between life and death.
    • Digital Twin Visualization Technology: By connecting Vantiq’s streaming data analysis and real-time action with next-generation digital twin technology, Total gains complete real-time visibility into operations and can better ensure the safety of its workforce.
    • Real-Time Diagnostic Data: Vantiq’s real-time technology means that data is streamed into the Vantiq platform, analyzed and acted upon if necessary — a much more efficient, effective way to protect human lives than culling through a database to find the most recent diagnostic report on a malfunctioning pressure valve. By only bringing in humans to make mission-critical decisions when a problem is detected, operators can focus on preventing disasters instead of responding to them.

Powered by Vantiq, TADI combines acoustic, GPS, and atmospheric data to provide a complete picture of operations and detect and respond to gas leaks in less than three seconds. The result: increased safety for oil and gas operators, decreased risk of catastrophic events, and increased awareness of mission-critical systems. Click here to read the TotalEnergies case study.

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