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Addressing Climate Change with Edge Computing

Thought Leadership

Edge computing and the ability to move data and processing power to the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible, offers many benefits such as lower latency and greater reliability. However, a less obvious impact of edge computing is the ability to address climate change by creating new digital intelligence on the edge that can optimize our energy consumption and reduce our environmental impact.

In essence, edge computing means fewer large packets of information are sent across global networks, which thereby reduces bandwidth consumption and improves latency — both of which contribute to less energy consumption and optimized resource efficiency. Research shows that when companies focus on greater sustainability, they can also see an increase in revenue and an increase in customer loyalty. In other words, edge computing and the sustainability benefits it provides are both good for the environment and good for business.

Innovative technologies such as sensors, AI, IoT, and next-gen data analysis on the edge can help companies address sustainability challenges by helping them track and manage carbon emissions. Additionally, these next-generation technologies can also be leveraged for faster, more efficient responses to natural disasters such as wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and chemical leaks and spills, in order to reduce the environmental impact of such catastrophic events.

Our latest video Addressing Climate Change with Real-Time Technology describes how the Vantiq platform is playing a key role in the use of edge computing by companies and industries to reduce their carbon footprint, and how our low-code tools are being used to build real-time solutions for the transition to renewable energy sources, smart grid management, optimized energy usage, and advanced detection of environmental disasters.

Climate change is happening all around us — and its impact has reached global proportions. Click here to talk with a Solutions Expert to see how Vantiq can help.

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