Our Mission
The mission of VANTIQ is to accelerate enterprise Digital Transformation with innovative technologies to digitize while maximizing the effectiveness of humans. The latest technology advancements will usher in an era of greater change than the world has yet seen. VANTIQ’s products facilitate the transition to this highly complex, information-driven world.
Interview with CEO Marty Sprinzen
Watch VANTIQ CEO Marty Sprinzen discuss his vision for how
real-time enterprise applications drive true digital transformation.
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VANTIQ’s management team has successfully delivered products to the market with experience in very high growth companies on multiple occasions. The team has a track record of identifying major market trends, developing technology solutions to capitalize on the opportunities, and bringing solutions to the market resulting in significant monetization events.
Marty Sprinzen, Co-Founder and CEO
Marty Sprinzen is a visionary leader and successful software entrepreneur. The organizations he created and led have introduced some of the most innovative software solutions in the areas of systems management, relational databases, internet application development and, currently, real-time, event-driven applications. Sprinzen founded and became CEO of VANTIQ Corporation. Prior to VANTIQ, he was CEO and co-founder of Forte Software, which was acquired for over $1B. He also served as VP of International Operations and VP of Engineering at Ingres and VP of Development at Candle Corporation. He holds a BSEE from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.
Paul Butterworth, Co-Founder and CTO
Paul Butterworth is a noted technology leader with a lengthy career of demonstrated innovation and business success. Past roles include founder and CTO of Emotive, where he conceived and designed the Emotive Cloud Platform for enterprise mobile computing, Architect at Oracle, Founder & CTO at AmberPoint where he directed the technical strategy for the AmberPoint SOA governance products, Distinguished Engineer and Chief Technologist for Sun Microsystems, and Founder and Chief Architect for Forte Software, an internet application development company. Paul also served as Chief Systems Architect at Ingres. Paul holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science from UC Irvine.
Miguel Nhuch, Chief Revenue Officer
Miguel has 28 years of global sales and business development experience. During his career, Miguel has designed and implemented sales, go-to-market and local/regional/global partnership strategies, that resulted in strong revenue growth. Many of the companies were early stage startups, such as Ingres, Forte, Weblogic, EnCommerce, Nominum and Airspike. Prior to VANTIQ, Miguel was the VP for Latin America at Tableau Software, where he was responsible for driving significant overall growth of the region during his 5 year tenure. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering.
Blaine Mathieu, Chief Marketing and Product Officer
Blaine brings to VANTIQ an extensive career focused on rapidly growing technology businesses by clarifying their market strategy/positioning and matching that with effective go-to-market models. As a multi-time CMO, CPO, and CEO, he has 25+ years of experience in growing startups between 50 and 500 employees and in prominent private and public companies including Gartner, Adobe, Corel, Selectica, GoodData, and most recently with national management consulting firm Chief Outsiders. He holds undergraduate Business and MBA degrees from the University of Alberta and Athabasca University in Canada.
Bill Daniher, Chief Financial Officer
Bill’s distinguished career includes executive financial and operations roles in venture, private equity, and public companies. Bill was most recently Chief Financial Officer for First Virtual Group, a diversified holding company with $1B+ of investments. Prior to First Virtual Group, Bill was VP Finance and Operations and Interim CFO for C3 IoT, Inc., an AI software provider. Prior to C3 IoT, Bill held executive roles with Ziff Davis Media, AMP Incorporated and several venture and private equity backed companies. Prior to business school, he served in the United States Navy on USS Queenfish, based in Pearl Harbor. He earned an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BBA in Finance from the University of Notre Dame.
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VANTIQ Newsfeed
Tokyo, Japan – July 18, 2019
VANTIQ CEO, Marty Sprinzen, Presents VANTIQ's Event-Driven Technology at SoftBank World 2019
SoftBank World 2019, one of the biggest technology exhibitions in Tokyo hosted by SoftBank Corporation, will be featuring VANTIQ's applications for Smart City and Smart Building, developed under newly-established collaboration with SoftBank.
San Francisco – July 17, 2019
SoftBank Corp. Leads Series B Investment Round and Forms Strategic Partnership with VANTIQ
Today, VANTIQ announced a three-pronged strategic partnership with SoftBank encompassing platform integration, joint solution development, and the leading of a Series B round into VANTIQ.
Beijing, China – July 12, 2019
Beijing Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Consortium - Accelerating Enterprises' Digital Transformation
The Event Driven Architecture (EDA) Consortium makes its way to Beijing as IoT and Digital Transformation leaders meet to discuss the latest in EDA.
Paris – July 5, 2019
VANTIQ Wins Big at Silicon Innovation Awards 2019
VANTIQ is proud to announce it has been awarded not one, but two Silicon Innovation Awards at the 2019 gala. The VANTIQ platform has been recognized in the categories of PaaS/IaaS and IoT.
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