Infection Detection & Containment System (IDCS) for Airports

Real-time thermal monitoring of people to detect and monitor the spread of infections inside buildings and facilities especially at airports.
The application combines thermal cameras, flight information, passenger flows, and real-time communication to instantly detect passengers with high temperatures and alert airport operations control to identify potentially contaminated areas. The system also allows airport managers to dynamically redirect passenger flows, reposition flights and reallocate staff, based on capacity needs.
  • IDCS supports manual and automated temperature screening at all steps throughout the passenger‘s journey (Arrival, Departure & Transfer).
  • IDCS enforces the IATA & ACI recommendations of a multi-layered approach to ensure bio-security at airports.
  • IDCS offers tracking capabilities to follow a detected person with high body temperature to address specific services such as security or medical checks.
  • The platform capabilities of IDCS ensure that also other bio-sensors (e.g. health parameter screening devices) can be included to further increase passenger and airport safety.
  • IDCS offers backtrace capabilities to identify the already taken route through the airport before detected at the thermal camera.
  • IDCS offers simulation capabilities such as spread estimations and determination of potentially impacted areas and passengers.
  • With IDCS airports and airlines are able to share their information based on different technological approaches for thermal scanning and streamline their activities.

Solution Video



Real-time Infection Detection & Containment System (IDCS) Flyer
This flyer provides an overview of the IDCS, which is powered by Amorph and VANTIQ.

Whenever an alert is raised by a thermal camera (or any other health check device) this alert will be immediately sent to IDCS. Within the IDCS platform, the collaboration begins with other data sources like existing CCTV systems and flight-and passenger data sources. This enables an airport operations manager to have a full and transparent overview of the incident and all other corresponding parameters. With this picture, operations managers can decide how to react, which area to focus on, and how to minimize the disruptiveness of a potentially infected passenger.

As a result, he can decide to re-allocate flights and passenger streams, address sanitization measures, and medical teams to take action. Only with IDCS, it will be possible to introduce additional measures like thermal screening into the entire process flow without creating major disruptions and minimizing costs for staff and equipment.

  • IDCS supports airports coming back to efficient operation.
  • The system helps to ensure a safe passenger journey.
  • In case of an incident, IDCS allows for fast reaction times and instant prediction of consequences for containment measures.
  • In case of an incident, IDCS allows for fast reaction times and instant prediction of consequences for containment measures.
  • IDCS helps airports sustainably prepare for future pandemic situations.
  • IDCS helps to save costs in the long run without manual staff to be quipped at each sensor.
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