Vaccine Management

Covid-19 Vaccines are now being delivered to countries around the world. This solution helps with getting these vaccines to people in a quick, fair, and equitable manner.
Organizations are now struggling with the infrastructure to support vaccination programs and the difficulty of creating these systems has quickly become apparent. Vantiq's agile, full lifecycle development platform allows you to deploy a Vaccine Administration application in a matter of weeks.
  • Flexible - Can be deployed on a public or private cloud
  • Real-time - Able to track vaccines and patients through space and time
  • Scalable - Scale up to millions of patients
  • Agile - Design the application adhering to local requirements with low-code development tools

Organizations delivering vaccines must be able to schedule appointments, allocate personnel to administer vaccines, and confirm that they are vaccinating the proper people. These organizations must also track any vaccine reactions and report all data to government institutions.

Needless to say, this is a very complex process with many moving parts that must scale to the vaccination of millions of people. Building a system like this from scratch is a long process with a high chance of failure.

This solution provides the following features:

Public Registration
Enable the public to sign up for vaccination using either a dedicated iOS or Android mobile application or website portal. Once the person signs up they will be assigned an appointment at the site closest to them.

Administration of different Vaccines
The Vantiq Vaccine Application can manage the administration of multiple types of vaccines and take into account if they require multiple doses or have different storage requirements.

Administration of Vaccination Centers
Since the vaccination process will be quite dynamic, Vantiq allows you to quickly set up new vaccination centers. This includes managing the allocation of vaccines to these centers as well as assigning health care professionals to these locations. The application will also provide scheduling for healthcare professionals as they administer the vaccines.

Tracking of Side Effects
The Vantiq application allows the vaccine recipient to report any side effects through either the mobile application or using a web page. Vaccine administrators can also assist patients by updating side effects on their behalf.

Real-time tracking of vaccine shipments
Vaccines may be delivered to a healthcare organization at any time, Vantiq allows you to track vaccine shipments including real-time tracking of delivery vehicles to detect any delays or other issues during the delivery process.

As the vaccine process proceeds, it is vital to know who has been vaccinated and any side effects experienced. This information is important not only for the organization managing the vaccination process but is also required by government organizations for the safety of the public.

Security and Privacy
Although the patient will need to enter personal information into the application, Vantiq allows you to decide how to manage this information. Once the patient has received their vaccination, the personal information can be registered in a healthcare management system and removed from the Vantiq application.

  • Increase vaccine registration efficiency - With Vantiq citizens can register for the vaccine from their mobile phones or a web portal. The solution will automatically create an appointment for them at the closest available vaccination center based on location and vaccine availability.
  • Increase vaccine logistics management - Supports inventory and distribution management to ensure deliveries are routed to the right facilities at the right time.
  • Better user experience - This is a rapidly customizable application to enable effective vaccine tracking, patient management, cold chain logistics, and health care data integration into a single, flexible platform.
  • Data Security - All personal medical data in the application is encrypted and secured.
  • National vaccination plan - This application provides the data required by government institutions and makes vaccination programs more efficient, eliminating the complexities of a traditional infrastructure.
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