Smart Space Digital Twin

Smart Space Digital Twin allows developers to quickly create their own unique digital twins without spending a lot of time designing the user-facing elements and visualizations.
Using Smart Space Digital Twin, the developer can setup a working application and user interface that provides digital visualizations for external data sources such as sensors, camera feeds, real-time location services, and BLE beacons to name a few.
  • Visualize real-time data - Visualize large spaces such as a building complex or factory floor, or combine multiple digital twins to build an entire smart city
  • Dynamically respond to situations of interest - Gain a complete picture of everything happening in and around your organization, with the ability to view streaming data in as much or as little detail as necessary
  • Simulate the future - Simulate different business events or configurations of equipment to maximize efficiency and prepare for the unexpected
  • Interoperate across business systems - Contextualize data across previously disparate business systems via the shared framework that a digital twin provides

A Digital Twin is a computerized representation of a real-life physical object. A few examples of digital twins include buildings, motors, electrical circuits, underground pipes, vehicles, and people. Digital Twins can provide new insights that would otherwise be very difficult, dangerous, or impossible to obtain in the real world such as observing the status of underground water pipes, simulating the effects of hot weather on an electrical grid, or monitoring air quality across an entire city. Digital twins are often connected to sensors, cameras, and other data sources to provide realistic real-time views. For example, someone might want to view the performance of airplane engines' internal components not otherwise visible from the outside using a digital twin connected with live sensor feeds.

Vantiq Blueprints are working applications that are designed to be imported into the Vantiq platform as a new project and then customized by users who are looking to create applications with a similar purpose. The benefit of using a Blueprint is starting off with an application that has a completed code base to bootstrap a new project being undertaken. Although Blueprints are complete working applications they are not intended to be used "as-is", rather they are intended to speed up the development of a new application by providing a completed and working set of base components and functionality to build upon and customize. Smart Space Digital Twin is one of these Vantiq blueprints.

The value of Vantiq Smart Space Digital Twin is to allow developers to quickly create their own unique digital twins without spending a lot of time designing the user-facing elements and visualizations. A complete set of user interfaces is provided with the ability to create and define custom data schemas for sensors and devices. The user will be able to set up devices, sensors, and more from the Smart Space client to define the data schema and rules that the devices trigger.

  • Reduce development costs with Smart Space Digital Twin's 'jump-start' framework
  • Improve operational efficiency by integrating and managing IoT sensors in real-time
  • Increase space safety and security with real-time monitoring capabilities
  • Unlock new potential business opportunities while increase the overall competency of the market
  • Avoid high failure risk with a project-proven digital twin application development platform
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Vantiq is the culmination of over thirty years of software and application development experience. Founded in 2015 by Silicon Valley legends, Our founders have been there every step of the way through the evolution of business application technology from relational databases, to internet-enabled, distributed, and now to real-time event-driven. Vantiq provides maximum agility for businesses to drive operational innovation and accelerate real-time business awareness.

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