Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system

Automatically match and dispatch Customer Engineers to handle every incident in real-time
Our Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system enables us to dispatch CEs without contacting the control center and as a result, resulting in shortened delivery time, saving an average of 50 minutes per delivery.
  • Automatically choose a prompt CE for handling customer incidents by checking CE’s availability, skills and current location in parallel.
  • Send an incident number, detailed information, and location to CE’s mobile devices.
  • A CED console enables the control center to monitor CE’s current location and destination.

Mitsuiwa has been building total IT services from planning, implementing to support to meet customer’s needs in a proactive way through 50 years since its establishment. With the combination of VANTIQ IoT platform and its comprehensive services, Mitsuiwa will try its best to help business users in developing IoT projects by providing rapid application environment and support for development and operation.

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