Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system

A system that dispatches customer engineers to respond to incidents and computer breakdown requests in real-time.
Our Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system enables us to dispatch CEs without contacting the control center and as a result, resulting in shortened delivery time, saving an average of 50 minutes per delivery.
  • Automatically choose a prompt CE for handling customer incidents by checking CE’s availability, skills and current location in parallel.
  • Send an incident number, detailed information, and location to CE’s mobile devices.
  • A CED console enables the control center to monitor CE’s current location and destination.

Customer Engineers (CE) respond to more than 1,000 customer requests (including maintenance personnel, security guards, caregivers, and more) every month. The whole dispatch process is complicated and time-consuming with back and forth conversations, In addition, due to the national decrease in the working population caused by the declining birthrate and aging population, it is difficult to hire more operators and maintenance personnel to quickly respond to issues.

Our Customer Engineer Dispatch (CED) system, which evaluates Customer Engineers' availability, skills, and their current location, to send requests directly to CEs for handling customer incidents in real-time. Mitsuiwa’s service personnel are now able to intelligently collaborate with the dispatch system through the use of a mobile app. This ensures CEs are kept in the loop and the system runs smoothly from the moment service personnel start their day by entering their availability and preferred times, to inputting updates along the way as tasks are completed.

With this system, it will not only reduce the work of the control center but also reduce the delivery time to the customer. By leveraging the technology to automatically match and dispatch the 'right' skill and closest engineer, the system improves work efficiency, enhances the customer experience, and increases customer satisfaction.

  • 67% reduction in dispatch response time
  • Shorten delivery time between an incident occurrence and CE arrival at a destination.
  • 1000+ maintenance requests per month automatically matched and responded to
  • Reduce jobs at the control center for CE dispatch.
  • Higher customer satisfaction
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