Railroad Safety and Connected Maintenance

A real-time wheel measurement solution used by the Federal Railroad Administration's Risk Reduction Program
Infosys & Vantiq have jointly created a “Connected Maintenance” accelerator which is a list of use cases for the Federation of Railroad Administration (FRA’s) safety & regulations guidelines that are to be adhered to by Class I, II & III railroads to provide safe, reliable, and efficient movement of people & goods in the US.
  • Real-time capture and monitoring of wheel attributes with IoT sensors
  • Real-time alert notification of abnormal situations
  • Visualization of the captured sensor data and KPIs
  • Ability to trigger preventive and prescriptive actions

Infosys & Vantiq have come together to create a Digital Supply Chain (DSC) Innovation Lab Accelerator Platform. This will bring a new generation of rapid solutions to market.

The Infosys Logistics practice leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop smart railroad networks. We integrate real-time data from IoT sensors embedded in components such as brakes, wheels, engines, wagons, and rail tracks, with train control systems, freight information systems, and driver performance reports to boost the performance of the enterprise and station-level functions.

An IIoT-enabled rail network rationalizes costs through predictive maintenance of assets, safe operations, and energy efficiency. Our algorithms predict diverse variables, ranging from stress on rail tracks to wagon/tanker lifespan, to avoid interruptions caused by equipment breakdown, adverse weather conditions, or the non-availability of personnel. Further, predictive maintenance minimizes planned downtime while extending the life of rail infrastructure.

With Vantiq's real-time Digital Business Technology platform combined with Infosys's deep domain expertise and a design thinking approach. The Innovation Accelerator enables rapid ideation, innovation & implementation on one low-code scalable and flexible development platform. Prebuilt frameworks enable customers to quickly customize requirements, Plug-n-Play data & deploy at the speed of thought.

  • Improve safety & reduce risk to ensure compliance with respect to wheel measurements
  • Enhance the speed of development & deployment by using the innovation lab accelerator platform
  • Decrease R&D cost with faster development and less labor cost
  • Decrease operation and maintenance costs by monitoring wheel conditions in real-time and avoiding catastrophic events
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