LOUD – Live Outdoor Urban Data

Often overlooked, noise pollution has a high impact on our quality of life. Detect and classify city noises and ensure compliance with existing city ordinances while helping to plan for the future.
Live Outdoor Urban Data “LOUD” is an audio machine learning platform built with VANTIQ and AWS SageMaker for detection of noise pollution, empowering citizens and officials to create a better city.
  • Real-time analysis of city noise including perceived decibel levels and noise classification
  • Allows city officials to respond to noise violations in real time and track violations with collaboration tickets
  • Leverages AWS SageMaker for Machine Learning
  • Analyzes noise levels on the edge devices
  • Allows public to report noise violations, matching time and location of violation with sensor data
  • Integrates edge devices with VANTIQ API and AWS
  • Supports multiple customers including companies, city managers, and citizens
  • Supports future use cases with open data API and 311 integration

Founded in 2008, productOps is a full-service software development firm with a focus on delivering quantifiable business and operational benefits for its clients. Organized and behaving as a consultancy, the firm includes the specialized practices of Design, Architecture and Data to better integrate these areas of expertise into the systems and products it develops. An Advanced Amazon Consulting Partner, productOps has been building AWS-based solutions for clients since its inception.

Today the company has a staff of 50, a balance of Silicon Valley veterans and recent graduates from UC Santa Cruz. Committed to building long-term relationships with innovative clients, productOps works with organizations of all types and sizes, from local startups to globally-distributed Fortune 50 companies including Nokia, New England Journal of Medicine, AT&T, Ithaka, California Community Colleges, and Conde Nast.

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