Advanced Parking Lot Navigation using Network Cameras

The real-time tracking and management of parking spaces by using image analysis and VANTIQ technology, enabling effective management of parking lots and creating new sales opportunities.
Canon IT Solutions created the advanced parking lot solution by using network cameras, image analysis technology, and VANTIQ’s platform. Canon’s cameras were implemented in parking lots and use image analysis to sense whether the parking space is open or not. VANTIQ provides a real-time monitoring screen for parking lot conditions using the data received from these devices. The VANTIQ platform enables the notification system, allowing drivers within the parking lot to see when new parking spaces become available.
  • Determine whether the parking space is open by analyzing images from network cameras.
  • Monitor the operational condition of parking lots in real-time.
  • When new open parking spaces are found, notify drivers nearby about the open parking spaces immediately.
  • Provide the drivers' with directions to the parking lot from their present location.
  • Enable detection of suspicious activity and notify the security department by adding image analysis logic/processing rules.

Canon IT Solutions Inc. created this advanced parking lot solution using network cameras made by Canon, image analysis, and VANTIQ technologies.

Image analysis devices sense and determine whether the parking space is open or not, using network camera images, and notify VANTIQ via MQTT broker.

VANTIQ provides a real-time monitoring screen for parking lot conditions using data received from each device. The monitoring screen enables the manager or security department to check operational conditions by accessing actual network camera images.

VANTIQ can send notifications about newly available spaces to drivers who are seeking parking nearby. The system can provide directions to the parking lot from the driver's present location in real-time.

By adding analysis logic/processing rules of network cameras, the system enables adding a new function, for example, detecting and notifying users about a suspicious person in the area.

  • Increased drivers' satisfaction by real-time notification of open parking space to drivers who are looking for parking lots
  • Solved street parking problems
  • Maximized the parking space usage and contributed to improving the profit rates.
  • Attracted customers to commercial installations near the parking lots and create new sales opportunities.
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