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VANTIQ Webinar

Transforming our HQ into a Smart Building to Get Back to Work Safely

This webinar showcases how Vantiq, along with partners Rigado and Bits In Glass, has implemented a real-time smart office/smart building system for the Vantiq Headquarters, called Project Q. Watch the short video below to see what our Smart Office looks like in action:

Why watch this webinar?

  • Discover the types of technology we used to increase workplace safety during the pandemic.
  • Learn how real-time applications can be integrated into spaces to get back to work while managing privacy concerns.
  • Watch a demo of how quickly smart building solutions can come to life with Vantiq.

Featured speakers

Rob Budas – Vice President of Product Management at Vantiq

With over 30 years of experience in enterprise software, Rob is a skilled professional with expertise in big data, product management, and sales engineering. At Vantiq, Rob manages the platform and is also an essential member for marketing and business development initiatives.


Jon Delulis Senior Delivery Manager at Bits In Glass

With over 10 years of experience delivering IT projects, Jon is a seasoned implementation consultant with deep background and subject matter expertise in the healthcare vertical. As a Senior Delivery Manager with Bits In Glass (BIG), he leads the implementation of custom solutions for BIG’s clients leveraging BPM, RPA, and EDA technologies.


Kevin Tate​ – CMO at Rigado

With 20 years of Sales and Marketing experience serving G2000 brands and agencies and a Stanford graduate, Kevin is an avid technologist, tinkering in all things internet, mobile, and media. As CMO of Rigado, he leads sales, marketing, and business development, speaking with companies to enable them to build robust IoT systems.


Mark Munro with SunglassesMark Munro – Director of International Pre-Sales at Vantiq

With over 30 years of experience in IT as a Software Engineer, Consultant, and Architect, Mark manages and supports an international team of Solutions Architects helping customers with their Digital Transformation process and adoption of Event Driven Architecture.


This is the one in an ongoing webinar series about how VANTIQ is working with partners across the globe to address Coronavirus challenges. Stay tuned for more webinars to come. In the meantime, read more about these innovative applications here.

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