Supply Chain Control

Provide real-time insight and control over a highly-distributed supply chain.

• Poor communication between suppliers and manufacturers

• Multiple incompatible technology systems in place create silos of information

• Lack of standardization, especially in documentation, creates high overhead

• Lack of any real-time insight or awareness of supply chain health especially with regard to threats or issues

• Substandard supplier performance leading to improper delivery of materials

• Impact of last minute disruptions on inventory, production and outstanding customer orders

• Lack of integration between systems, purchasing, asset/resource management, logistics, etc., creates black holes of information in the supply chain

• Lack of Integration with logistics systems to track location of materials and identify any delays before they lead to disruptions

• Real-time analysis of upstream production impact on downstream product delivery, performance and analytics


Application integrates systems, documents, and includes people in real time to identify supply chain threats, bottlenecks, impact on inventory with communications to key parties such as purchasing personel as well as alerting customers of potential delays as the occur.

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VANTIQ Example

A major VANTIQ client’s application identifies global threats to the supply chain such as hurricanes in the Atlantic or a terrorist attack near a major carbon black supplier. It determines the impact on production and downstream fulfillment via real-time notifications and collaborates with purchasing personel to offer remediation alternatives when problems arise. Integration into multiple systems (ERP, purchasing, logistics) provides up-to-the-minute insight into overall health of the supply chain.

Real-time processing allows the client to create a track-and-trace system to protect their brand name and prevent counterfeiting. Using VANTIQ, the client’s retailers can process barcode or RFID scans to flag suspicious serial numbers, alert investigators and respond to potential counterfeiting threats as they are discovered across the globe. VANTIQ easily integrates into external import/export databases to verify their products are shipped and received at their proper destinations, otherwise alerting investigators of potential loss due to piracy or theft.

Learn more about real-time supply chain control solutions here in the VANTIQ Smart Supply Chain white paper.

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