Real-Time Fleet Management

Assigning appropriate vehicle (car, truck, drone) to most efficiently respond to a situation.

• Vehicle cannot be located or assigned in real time

• Most appropriate vehicle to complete the task is not assigned

• Task changes while vehicle is being assigned or en-route

• Vehicle breaks down or otherwise becomes unavailable while enroute

• System experiences continuous delays and timeliness of response is critical


Application sense locations of both vehicle and target and dynamically assigns the best one for the task. If the task changes en-route, vehicles are re-routed in real-time as necessary.

Relevant Industries

Personal Transportation (Uber)

Public Transportation (Trains, Buses)

Mining/Energy (heavy equipment)

Airlines (planes, ground vehicles)

Drones (Amazon)

Fleet Breakdown & Recovery

VANTIQ Example

VANTIQ POC application demonstrates the tracking of vehicles (as well as their predictive maintenance) and dispatching of recovery vehicles to any broken down vehicle. The PoC uses vehicle telemetric information to track vehicles and also predict possible breakdown scenarios. This also involved redirecting recovery vehicles to collect spare parts and keeping both parties informed about the current status and location of the recovery vehicle. The ability to adjust schedules and reprioritize fleet vehicles in real time greatly reduces recovery time and increases customer satisfaction.

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