Field Service

that constantly adapts
to business critical events
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Field service in the fast-paced digital age requires a real-time, event-driven system so you can be sure technicians have the data, tools and skillsets required to get the job done.

With VANTIQ, seamless collaboration between technicians and equipment means you can directly correlate real time data with how it’s being resolved.

Imagine your Field Service powered by VANTIQ:
Dynamically locate and assign the best worker based on location, experience and equipment
Monitor equipment status, track the shipment of any additional parts and communicate with subject matter experts
Actively track the worker and their distance to the destination to ensure a timely response
Reassign service call if a breakdown or delay of service occurs
See VANTIQ’s approach to
Field Service in action:

Watch how VANTIQ can be used to route field service workers to a malfunctioning piece of equipment, without the need for human involvement.

A VANTIQ application like this dramatically cuts down on wasted time and money spent on assigning and routing workers. This is achieved through a constant stream of events flowing through the application and real-time actions being taken when a certain criterion is met.

San Francisco – August 26, 2020
Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!
Washington D.C. – May 20, 2020
VANTIQ Recognized By SIAA CODiE Awards as Best Platform as a Service for 2020
Webinar – October 27, 2020
Live Webinar: Innovating the Solar Grid with Real-Time Technology
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