Integrated Health Systems

Sense status of health monitoring equipment and respond appropriately in real-time.

• Output of multiple health monitoring devices needs to be analyzed at once

• Devices send data at different intervals and timeliness of response is often critical

• High volumes of data and/or latency concerns requires processing on the edge of networks

• Most appropriate assistance cannot be located or assigned in real-time

• Status of patient or device changes dynamically as assistance is en-route

• Challenge of connecting systems in a secure and compliant fashion including IoT devices, patient records management, health care professionals, emergency medical services, scheduling systems and more


VANTIQ applications that can interact with medical devices in the hospital, at the home or on the patient to identify situations where the patient is at risk and requires attention or a device is malfunctioning, and then direct the most appropriate responses in a coordinated manner.

Relevant Industries

Health Care

Social Services


VANTIQ Example

VANTIQ has developed multiple applications in this space that solve a number of problems and provide many new innovative and novel capabilities for hospitals and health care providers.

One example is around wearables such as a Fitbit type of device worn on the wrist that can monitor heart beat and steps taken. VANTIQ will process this data stream from individuals wearing these devices and identify situations that represent dangers to the patient. If a patient is showing a low number of steps-per-minute with a very high heart rate this could be a sign of a serious problem, VANTIQ will immediately send a text message to that person’s phone asking if they are OK, contact the person’s health care professional and – if the situation persists or if the patient responds to the text with a “no” reply – immediately dispatch emergency responders to that patient’s house.

A VANTIQ application also provides automation and hospital systems at Children’s Hospital in Oakland and Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans. One challenge many hospitals face is scheduling. A VANTIQ application was created to help automate scheduling specifically of Operating Room personal. This is an extremely difficult task due to the number of people involved and the volatility of the OR schedule during the day as last second emergencies occur or scheduled activities go long, resources end up getting pulled from place to place. The application provides situational awareness to the OR room and also predictive capabilities to better anticipate and respond to resource needs. The result is a smarter scheduling system that not only helps reduce the chaos in the OR but also the smoothing out of schedules based on predicted demands in the OR. The staff no longer has to work as many overtime hours with fewer overlaps in redundant staff which leads to significant cost savings for these facilities.

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