Compliance, Safety, and Security

Ensures security and compliance with plans, rules, regulations, laws, and standards.

• Outmoded security methods are not keeping up with ever changing attack vectors

• Need to quickly identify physical threats such as people located in unauthorized locations

• Need to quickly identify digital threats, everything from bad password attempts to DoS attacks

• Timeliness of reaction to threats as they occur

• Complexity of highly-distributed connected systems, cloud, sensors, monitors, and facilities

• Difficult to pair the necessity of human involvement with automated systems when unusual or hard to predict situations occur


Applications can detect harmful situations using a variety of technologies and integrations. Camera feeds are used to provide visual identification in real time. Server logs are used to detect DoS attacks. Alerts, notifications, automation and integration with multiple systems combine to integrate people and systems to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to threats.

Relevant Industries

Financial Services





Food Services

and many others.

VANTIQ Example

A VANTIQ application has been created to take advantage of available data streams and external micro-services to provide a number of security and compliance related capabilities. Starting with visual identification, cameras are located in strategic locations at a facility such as the entrance, data centers or high security clearance areas. These images are sent to VANTIQ which processes them using an external microservice that specializes in facial recognition comparing images taken in real time at specific locations to a list of images representing authorized personal. Security teams can be alerted when unauthorized access is identified and the live feed image sent to the security team so they can determine if the system correctly identified a security breach and respond accordingly.

Web logs that are generated by IT services such as Apache web server, or single sign-on systems are processed by VANTIQ with a series of business rules to identify aberrant behaviors from standard ones. VANTIQ integrates with automated systems to isolate and deny external threats that could take the form of DoS or repeated SSH login failures as hackers try to compromise externally accessible systems. As the nature of attacks evolve and new methods of exploits are attempted the non-standard behavior can be identified by VANTIQ and communicate these issues in real-time to security personal who can then analyze the nature of the data to determine if a new attack vector has been identified or if the data logs are showing benign behavior.

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