Asset Tracking

that identifies and acts on
what matters most to your business
Act in
Real Time

Data is constantly flowing into businesses at an exponential rate. The challenge lies in capturing and utilizing that data to make mission-critical business decisions.

With VANTIQ, you can track the assets that matter most to your business and respond to that data in real time.

Imagine your Asset Tracking powered by VANTIQ:
Utilize data from a wide variety of data sources such as cameras, sensors and IoT devices
Manage product inventory without any manual work
Respond to business threats and opportunities in real time
Reduction in the amount of goods that are lost in transit
See VANTIQ’s approach to
Asset Tracking in action:

Using VANTIQ, camera feeds and other sensory data can be used to identify assets and track their position in real time.

Asset tracking and object recognition have countless business applications spanning multiple VANTIQ use-cases such as Safety & Security, Logistics and Customer Management. By tracking what matters most to your business in real time you can cut back on costs and expedite your operations.

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Washington D.C. – May 20, 2020
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