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“All other event-oriented programming approaches we have come across are vastly more complex and difficult to grasp.”
Johannes Schmitz-Lenders,
Owner & CEO
New and innovative real-time business solutions

parcs IT-Consulting is a well-established IT consulting company, headquartered in Germany. Founded in 1995, parcs IT-consulting has a proven track record of providing top-notch consulting services to companies and organizations spanning a wide range of industries including: travel, transport/logistics, telecommunications, IT, banking, retail, insurance and the public sector.

parcs IT-Consulting became a VANTIQ partner in 2018, offering new and innovative real-time business solutions via VANTIQ’s PaaS (Platform as a Service). Since then, parcs IT-Consulting has worked extensively with the VANTIQ application, gaining experience and refining their approach.

What is your opinion on VANTIQ’s EDA approach?

We believe event-driven architecture will become the prominent and superior approach to building software, both frontend and backend integration. VANITQ is implemented using a multi-reactor pattern, lifted to a distributed environment. This convinced us that VANTIQ can fulfill its stated enterprise features like scalability, reactivity and performance.

Tell us your thoughts on VANTIQ’s developmental efficiency and associated price/performance ratio.

With minimal “impedance mismatch” between specification and implementation VANTIQ’s programming model is very high-level; not only in its graphical tools but also the integrated programming language capabilities it provides. The programming concepts are all based around an integrated event-driven approach which can be used from requirements/specification down to source code. All other event-oriented programming approaches we have come across are vastly more complex and difficult to grasp for most developers (like pure “Rx” / Reactive Streams based library solutions). On top of that, VANTIQ hides most of the complexities of a scalable, distributed solution from the programmer. Reactive programming with Rx style libraries is possible for experienced programmers, but building reactive systems is orders of magnitude more complex but is easily doable with VANTIQ.

With VANTIQ, we have experienced very high productivity due to minimal obstacles for developers to work through. The browser/cloud-based development and runtime environment allows for extremely short cycles between programing, testing and deployment. This allows for a truly agile development environment. One of the main reasons for this is that implementation is based on resources that are dynamically managed by VANTIQ (e.g. programming code is instantly compiled and hot-loaded into the runtime environment).

Another big plus with VANTIQ is there is almost no necessary setup activities. Very little toolchain engineering is needed when compared to other approaches based on the integration of multiple technologies that are often open source and very costly. We call this a “Low-DevOps” approach.

VANTIQ’s graphical application building tools for backend logic provide very high levels of abstraction. Collaborations within the VANTIQ platform are the only purely event-driven business automation solution that we are aware of. This approach is a natural extension of the event driven approach, allowing for a flexible and natural approach to process modeling in an event-driven environment.

All these features result in a highly-productive software development environment. In parcs IT-Consulting’s case, we built a fully functional prototype for a real-time goods management system with web and mobile frontends. This was all done with a very small team and less than four weeks of development time.

In your experience, how is the quality and stability of the VANTIQ platform?

When building our prototypes with VANTIQ we found the quality of the platform to be very high and the system to be very responsive. We also did not experience any runtime issues while using VANTIQ’s cloud-based development tool. The support and development teams are very responsive to our requests and the customer support is outstanding.


With the development process we have designed through VANTIQ, we are now in a strong position to offer our customers quick and efficient development of real-time enterprise solutions. This would not be possible with traditional technologies due to the integration required, lengthy engineering time and steep developmental learning curves.

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