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In this webinar, IBM's CTO of Edge Computing, Rob High, and Vantiq CEO, Marty Sprinzen, dive into the business impact of edge-native applications and how we get there.
This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications including assemblies, client components, and more.
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As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses spanning all industries must bridge the gap between physical systems and the virtual world.
White Paper
Learn about EDA and how businesses across all industries are utilizing it to successfully digitally transform their organizations.
“Using VANTIQ, we are now capable of building applications we couldn’t build before due to their complexity, cost and the time it takes to get them to market.”
Evandro Pires Prieto,
Building what we couldn’t build before

NX2 Technology has its origins in the application development space, with a focus on the centralized database model. Looking at the market and how companies were adapting to digital transformation we realized that something was missing in our portfolio of applications. Our customers have begun to use more IoT resources, mobile applications, advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. We found ourselves stuck in the traditional mode of development and needed to rapidly innovate our development processes.

In 2018 we had the opportunity to meet VANTIQ. The first big takeaway from our initial conversations was the realization that our mindset must change from the database model to an event-driven application model. We began to understand how EDA is best suited to the new reality of complex application development. Productivity was another major takeaway for us. With VANTIQ we have been able to develop applications ten times faster than with a traditional development approach. Using VANTIQ, we are now capable of building applications we couldn’t build before due to their complexity, cost and the time it takes to get them to market.

We chose to become a VANTIQ partner not only for the above reasons but because we saw how much a visionary they are. We had the opportunity to meet the founders and part of the technical team and see first-hand how extremely well-built VANTIQ is and how ahead of its time it is.

From our first training we realized the gains in productivity when using VANTIQ are enormous. In addition to the reduction in code, programming in a reactive way completely changed the way we develop applications. The final product is a set of small services that work in unison without requiring in-depth knowledge about the complexities of the reactive programming paradigm.

We are very pleased with VANTIQ and we look forward to continued work on great opportunities together.

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