VANTIQ Resources

VANTIQ’s Unique Technical Value Proposition

In this short white paper, learn what makes VANTIQ unique from a technical perspective, including its:

  1. Low-code, Rapid Development of Event-Driven Apps
  2. Agile Event-Based Integration Model
  3. Edge and Event-Mesh Deployments
  4. Effective Human-Machine Collaboration
  5. Enablement of Mission-Critical Systems

Read VANTIQ Brief – Unique Technical Value Proposition


San Francisco – August 26, 2020
Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!
Washington D.C. – May 20, 2020
VANTIQ Recognized By SIAA CODiE Awards as Best Platform as a Service for 2020
Upcoming Webinar: Bring BIM to Life - Using Real-time Data and Digital Twin Technology for Building Operations
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