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VANTIQ Unveils Back-to-Work Accelerator

Software Integrates Key Technologies to Safeguard Workplaces Against COVID-19

SAN FRANCISCO — May 18, 2020 — In response to a massive spike in demand for solutions that can help the world get back to work, VANTIQ today announced the Back-to-Work Accelerator: a product that enables software developers to rapidly build real-time applications for safeguarding workplaces against the spread of COVID-19. VANTIQ’s Back-to-Work Accelerator is available immediately, enabling developers to go from concept to large-scale deployments in a matter of weeks.

The Back-To-Work Accelerator includes pre-built components and device integrations that allow developers to build customized and extensible workplace solutions. These solutions integrate with a spectrum of real-time data sources and devices, including AI-enabled cameras, IoT sensors, real-time location data, enterprise systems and many other technologies. Six pre-built components—symptom detection, physical distancing, contact tracing, access management, safety compliance, and asset monitoring—empower businesses to manage critical events in real time so that automated systems and human responders can react swiftly and with far greater effectiveness to mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

VANTIQ partners have already shown success in the ability to use Accelerator components to create COVID19 back-to-work solutions. Software consulting firm Bits In Glass created a virtual queuing application to help retail businesses manage physical distancing measures by removing the need for in-person lines. Another VANTIQ partner, Amorph Systems, leveraged the Accelerator kit to build an Infection Detection and Containment System for airports, which combines thermal cameras, flight and passenger information, and real-time communication to support airport operations crews to identify possible contamination.

COVID-19’s debilitating impact on the economy and society at large has highlighted the urgent need to monitor people and events in real time, so that systems and people can respond faster and with greater efficacy. This is driving unprecedented interest in VANTIQ’s platform.

“Companies around the world need an integrated set of real-time, back-to-work protections that can be deployed quickly and seamlessly within their current environments,” said Marty Sprinzen, co-founder and CEO of VANTIQ. “That’s what the Back-To-Work Accelerator enables. Now, developers can create turnkey, real-time solutions that address the most common pandemic-related workplace requirements. We look forward to a new era of innovation and adoption of real-time applications that can help the world restart.”


Partner Support for Back-to-Work Accelerator

VANTIQ is excited to bring the Back-To-Work Accelerator to market with a group of launch partners that include system integrators who will customize workplace safety solutions (Bits in Glass, RoviSys, RoundTower, EISOT, Alestra) and leading hardware and technology companies that are already integrated into the platform (Amorph Systems, CenTrak, Rigado, HikVision, GiConnect).

“Without VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator, building our physical distancing application would have required months—or longer—and massive resourcing. VANTIQ’s event-driven architecture and open, low-code technology compressed the timeframe to develop down to two weeks. This is truly breakthrough technology for building real-time applications that are needed in workplaces around the world, now.” — Scott Heather, VP U.S. Professional Services at Bits In Glass

“VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator made it possible for us to rapidly integrate new devices and data sources with our airport operations system, That has enabled a powerful new set of capabilities to help airports apply real-time health measures to keep passengers and airport workers safe, now and in the future.” — Dr. Frank Frauenhoffer, managing director of Amorph Systems

“VANTIQ’s new Back-To-Work Accelerator extends the power of the company’s unique event-driven architecture to enable the rapid development of workplace safety solutions tailored to fight COVID-19. RoundTower looks forward to close collaboration with VANTIQ to rapidly bring new workplace solutions to our customers, across industries and multiple workplace environments.” — Robert Dillard, Director of Business Solutions at RoundTower

“VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator is exactly the leapfrog technology the business world needs to ramp back up while protecting workers. We look forward to leverage VANTIQ to bring new workplace safety solutions to businesses through Mexico and Central America.” — Edgar Rueda, CEO of EISOT

“VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator is exactly what is needed, right now, to mitigate COVID-19-related workplace risks. We look forward to leveraging VANTIQ’s low-code, rapid implementation platform to offer all of Mexico solutions that can facilitate and accelerate a safe return to work.” — Luis Hernández, CEO of BitzData

To learn more details about VANTIQ’s Back-To-Work Accelerator, visit



VANTIQ enables customers to build next-generation applications that combine real-world data and real-time events. Our agile development environment allows complex applications to be created in weeks with minimal coding, taking full advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. VANTIQ powers a broad array of applications for smart cities, smart buildings, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare and other industries. VANTIQ was founded in 2015 by technology veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. Learn more at

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Media Contacts:
Dave Reddy, Big Valley Marketing for VANTIQ, +1 (650) 868-4659, [email protected]

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