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VANTIQ Partners with SYSTRAN to Enhance Next Generation Digital Applications with Real-Time Translation

Combined technologies puts artificial intelligence in business applications to augment humans in the workforce

SAN FRANCISCO – February 19, 2019 VANTIQ today announced a partnership with SYSTRAN, the market leader in language translation software solutions. Under the agreement, VANTIQ and SYSTRAN will work together to provide joint-customers with business applications that can seamlessly integrate real-time text, chat and live conversation language translation, ultimately helping companies make better decisions and overcome language barriers.

The VANTIQ Modelo application development platform enables businesses to quickly develop and deploy mission critical, real-time, event-driven and collaborative applications that can run anywhere – from the cloud to the edge.This partnership enables any application built with VANTIQ to combine SYSTRAN’s AI-poweredNeural Machine Translation (PNMT®) to deliver real-timemulti-lingual human-to-human interaction and human-to-machines collaborations.

“By adding AI-based translation capabilities within SYSTRAN technology to our event-driven Modelo platform, VANTIQ is going to radically change the way humans interact within their business applications” said Marty Sprinzen, CEO and co-founder of VANTIQ. “Instead of entering data and monitoring screens, users can simply have a conversation with the application to achieve the desired outcome.”

With the most advanced neural technology on the market and backed by an extremely dynamic Open Source community, SYSTRAN is delivering machine translation capabilities to Fortune 500, start-ups, education institutions, government communities and LSPs all over the globe. This has given the company a unique perspective across industries such as banking, finance, manufacturing, legal, healthcare, defense, technology & software and e-commerce.

“Our partnership with VANTIQ is in line with SYSTRAN’s strategy to bring state-of-the-art translation technology to a wider variety of business applications and end-users. By opening up neural translation to third-party solutions, our technology is on its way to becoming a mainstream commodity that will enhance the global communication capabilities of each employee.” adds Gaëlle Bou, Head of Sales & Marketing at SYSTRAN.

SYSTRAN provides a tailor-made solution that meets the language specificities of each specific domain across 140+ language pairs, thereby helping client’s to digitally transform the way they interact with their customers. SYSTRAN’s technology, Pure Neural®Machine Translation (PNMT®) is disrupting the language translation industry by giving organizations access to higher quality machine translation than ever before.

“This partnership will help global companies break through intercultural language barriers and provide customers with tremendous competitive advantages, said Vilavanh Messien, Managing Partner at Infosquare, a VANTIQ and SYSTRAN consulting partner. “The VANTIQ Modelo platform coupled with real-time language translation will change how humans interact with technology through best-in-class applications and a multi-lingual user experience.” 


VANTIQ, the company that powers real-time business operations, provides the only truly dynamic platform for quickly and easily creating transformative, event-driven applications to drive your agile business operations in real time. Founded in 2015 by renowned tech industry veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, VANTIQ enables those involved in mission-critical business operations to benefit from a new breed of real-time applications with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lower development and maintenance costs, and maximum agility in response to constantly-changing operational requirements. For more information, visit


SYSTRAN is a pioneer in machine translation technologies. The company helps worldwide organizations in their digital transformation with advanced and secure translation solutions. In 2016, SYSTRAN further innovated and launched its new generation of engines that combine neural networks and artificial intelligence to offer companies a translation quality very close to human translation and increase their productivity gains in various areas such as: collaboration, content production, customer support, electronic investigation, analysis of Big Data, e-commerce, etc.

SYSTRAN provides a tailor-made solution that meets the language specificities of each domain and corporate communication guidelines. Thanks to an open and scalable architecture, SYSTRAN’s solutions integrate seamlessly into existing IT applications and infrastructure, providing professionals with higher efficiency.

For more information, visit

Gaëlle Bou
[email protected]

+33 (0)1 44 82 49 00


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