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VANTIQ Appoints Philip Zhao General Manager of China

Company Adds New Chinese Partners to Support Growing Customer Demand

SAN FRANCISCO — Mar. 26, 2018VANTIQ, provider of the high-productivity platform for event-driven, real-time applications, today announced it has further expanded its global leadership team with the appointment of Philip Zhao as General Manager, Greater China. The company also announced it has established two new partners in China that will offer the VANTIQ platform and related consulting services as part of their portfolios.

Philip Zhao brings more than two decades of sales and business development experience to VANTIQ, and has a strong track record of developing and growing companies to multi-million dollar revenues in China. His tenure includes executive positions at Parallels, Wolters Kluwer, and Stylesite, among other companies. Most recently Zhao was CEO at Data IT Software.

“Philip is a truly incredible addition to the VANTIQ team,” stated Miguel Nhuch, Chief Business Development Officer and VANTIQ’s executive in charge of global partnerships. “We are lucky to have such an experienced executive working to drive the success of VANTIQ as he has done many times before.”

At VANTIQ, Zhao will lead the charge for growing and managing the Chinese partner network to capitalize on the explosion in digital transformation initiatives being driven from within the country. Many Chinese companies are early adopters and drivers of technologies such as Internet of Things, Smart Manufacturing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and more.

“There are so many companies in China that are at the forefront of technological innovations that change and dramatically improve the way businesses are run,” said Zhao, “VANTIQ’s ability to support the rapid development of truly agile, real-time applications offers a tremendous advantage to these companies. With such great market opportunity, we are aggressively building out our partner network and working to meet the increasing demand.”
New Partners Added to VANTIQ Ecosystem

Beijing Mag Science & Technology Co., Ltd., “MAG”, is the systems integration and service leader in architecture, engineering and construction industries in China. Headquartered in Beijing and employing 500 staff, MAG has formed a comprehensive information technology service system including data services, solutions, system integration, and equipment sales. MAG services cover electricity, construction, high-speed rail, transportation, water conservancy, petroleum, petrochemical, communications and other dozens of industries.

MAG has set up a platform to provide cloud services including architectural design, “creative” cloud, cloud file management, construction building information modeling (BIM) and quality management, digital construction and other life-cycle management solutions. With VANTIQ, MAG Cloud is able to connect all hardware and sensors to collect the data, to support its SaaS services, and to deliver real-time, event-driven applications for industrial customers.

“We have a long and successful tenure serving the broad building engineering industry,” said Yi Zhao, general manager of MAG Cloud. “We see the VANTIQ platform as great enabler for more quickly and easily developing, deploying and managing real-time business applications for our clients.”

Guangzhou Winwin Software Technology Co., Ltd., “Winwin Soft”, Is based in Guangzhou with subsidiary offices in Beijing and Hong Kong. Winwin Soft provides large and medium-sized enterprises with professional IT technical services, IT solutions and BIM services in the construction industry. Winwin Soft supports and distributes multiple software and IT platforms including Adobe, SketchUp, Siemens System software, Loadrunner, Autodesk, Parallels, Mentor and other world-renowned enterprise software solutions.

Winwin Soft now integrates the VANTIQ platform into their IT services for customers in real estate, airlines, eCommerce, energy and telecom.

“We partnered with VANTIQ to broaden our portfolio and continue delivering highly customized digital business solutions to our clients,” said Feng Guo, CEO of Winwin Soft. “The VANTIQ platform is ideal for building applications that can effectively handle the large amounts of streaming data our clients use to run their business.”


VANTIQ, the company that powers real-time business operations, provides the only truly dynamic platform for quickly and easily creating transformative, event-driven applications to drive your agile business operations in real time. Founded in 2015 by renowned tech industry veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, VANTIQ enables those involved in mission-critical business operations to benefit from a new breed of real-time applications with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lower development and maintenance costs, and maximum agility in response to constantly-changing operational requirements.

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