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This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications including components, client templates, and more.
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Vantiq 1.31 Release Increases Efficiency for Developers

At Vantiq, our mission is to give businesses the speed and agility necessary to drive operational innovation and develop real-time business applications.

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Vantiq Platform. This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications.


Application Components

Application components allow developers to be more productive. Components allow developers to build reusable fragments within Vantiq’s Application Builder. This eliminates redundant code and makes applications easier to maintain and update.

Components can be tailored to accept specific input and produce specific output to ensure maximum compatibility and to make it easier to connect other components or application functionality.

Client Templates

In many organizations, there is a need for a standard look and feel for end-user-facing applications. This improves usability and minimizes training for end-users. In addition, starting from a template reduces the amount of time required to build new clients.

With Vantiq’s Client Templates, developers can create a client once and then reuse the framework in other applications. These templates can be used as a starting point in the development process and modified as needed.

Enhanced Support for Large Scale Deployments

Vantiq has always automated the process of deploying application functionality across a distributed network. Now, Vantiq has introduced a new tree view to make deployment in very large environments easier than ever before. The new functionality also enhances visibility into the individual components across distributed environments such as edge installations and allows developers to identify potential issues more quickly.

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