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Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!

Vantiq has always strived to provide maximum agility for businesses and development teams around the world to drive operational innovation and accelerate real-time business applications.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the latest release of the Vantiq Platform, which introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s real-time applications, making it even faster and easier to build and deploy powerful applications with Vantiq.

project views and folders

Project Views and Folders

With Vantiq, you are able to create large scale deployments that may include hundreds of types, procedures, sources and clients. Vantiq Views provides a method of organization that allows a developer to divide a project’s resources into smaller, related subsets; thus making a large project simpler to organize and navigate. For an extra layer of structure, you can use Vantiq Folders to arrange your resources by simply dragging and dropping them into folders.



Drag and drop

UI Enhancements with Extended Drag-and-Drop

Drag-and-Drop functionality is now implemented for two of the more popular components of the Vantiq IDE. New to 1.29, developers using the Vantiq App Builder and Collaboration Builder can drag and drop activity patterns from a palette onto their app diagram and collaboration workflows. This brings ease of use and even higher productivity to the developer experience.


Service Catalog

EDA meets Service Management

With the latest release, Vantiq developers can now use the Vantiq Service Catalog, where they can discover, identify, and subscribe to Services (e.g. Google Maps service, checking an employee ID, processing an order). The Service Catalog allows developers to break a big enterprise system down into distinct components, so that they can be isolated by domain. The Catalog lists all available services and provides an easily navigable interface to subscribe to a desired service without needing to know how that remote service works “under-the-hood”.

With VANTIQ 1.29 release, the development of real-time applications has never been easier. For more information about the Vantiq platform, visit our website.



Vantiq enables customers to build next-generation applications that combine real-world data and real-time events. Our agile development environment allows complex applications to be created in weeks with minimal coding, taking full advantage of artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing. VANTIQ powers a broad array of applications for smart cities, smart buildings, oil and gas, telecom, healthcare and other industries. VANTIQ was founded in 2015 by technology veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, co-founders of Forte Software. Learn more at 

San Francisco – August 26, 2020
Vantiq 1.29 Release Adds Service Catalog, Vantiq Views, and Other Powerful New Features!
Washington D.C. – May 20, 2020
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