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This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications including components, client templates, and more.
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Latest Vantiq release adds Advanced Living Floorplan, Stateful Services and more!


At Vantiq, our mission is to give businesses the speed and agility necessary to drive operational innovation and develop real-time business applications.

We are pleased to announce the latest release of the Vantiq Platform. This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications.


Advanced Living Floorplan

With Vantiq’s new and improved live floorplan capabilities, it is easier than ever to visualize what’s happening in an environment and predict what is going to happen next.

Our new heat map tool allows you to view the intensity of the geospatial data in a meaningful way so that you can make quick decisions.

Predict Path enables you to make certain predictions on an object recognition task. In particular, the Vantiq platform coordinates sensory data to predict the path an object will take.

This brings the Vantiq Floorplan capability to a whole new level; not only having the awareness of Now, but also of the Future.

Enhanced Simulation Capabilities

Vantiq has improved the ability to simulate and test advanced event streams in one integrated platform. The new Event Generators allow developers to quickly simulate real life data. With it, thousands of events can be described with little to no code.

In addition, if simulated data is still not enough, the Capture feature allows users to Record and Replay events as they occur.

By using actual events recorded by the system, you can rest easy knowing that your tests accurately portray the situations that your application will experience. Simulating a real-time environment is now as easy as hitting record.

Stateful Services 

When it comes to scaling a real-time application, tracking state efficiently is the key. The moment you write data to a database, you limit your application drastically.

In 1.30, services may declare in-memory states which they are responsible for managing via their interfaces. This enables distributed applications built on the Vantiq platform to scale without the need for a database.

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