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Cust2Mate Fast-Tracks Business Launch with VANTIQ Modelo

Company redesigns and deploys retail shopping smart cart application in just six weeks

SAN FRANCISCO July 2, 2019 Advanced technology is enabling applications to be conceptualized, designed, built and deployed faster than ever before. VANTIQ, the company that powers real-time business,today announced that Cust2Mate has used the VANTIQ Modelo application development platform to redesign and deploy its new retail smart cart shopping application in just six weeks. Cust2Mate’s first customer, one of the top five grocery store chains in Israel, recently launched this project with Cust2Mate.

“Cust2Mate enables retailers to serve customers from list-making to checkout in a smooth and streamlined process, with the cart serving as the point of sale as the customer exits the store,” said Joseph Bentsur, President and CEO at Cust2Mate. “We’re excited that our first retail customer has launched and we are working to expand our offering both within and outside of Israel.”

This wasn’t Cust2Mate’s first attempt at building the smart shopping cart. Before working with VANTIQ, Cust2Mate was building its application with legacy coding and traditional approaches to real-time, event-driven application development, but realized the application would not support edge computing beyond a computer in each store — critically short of reaching each cart as planned.

Cust2Mate’s smart shopping cart is designed to let consumers create a shopping list online and then use an application-driven touch screen on the retailers’ shopping carts to be guided to items in the store. As consumers place items in the cart, they are verified using an automated barcode reader and weight sensor. Retailers can push suggestions to the consumers as they make their way through the store, such as related-product suggestions or sale items, based on the location of the cart. When the consumer has finished collecting items they simply stroll through the smart checkout gate and are provided with an instantaneous receipt on their mobile device.

Mr. Bentsur commented, “Using VANTIQ Modelo, we were able to quickly and easily build a central application that runs in the cloud and we believe will rapidly integrate with different retailers’ systems to support computing at the shopping cart. It was quite an impressive process and exciting to see we could realize our goals.”

“From our inception the vision for VANTIQ was to dramatically reduce the complexity of creating complex applications,” said Marty Sprinzen, CEO and co-founder of VANTIQ. “Our platform enables a profound reduction in development times for real-time, event-driven applications that support the way companies want to run their businesses today — fully digital, highly automated and in real time.”

About VANTIQ Modelo

VANTIQ Modelo is a high-productivity application Platform-as-a-Service that enables companies to quickly and easily build, deploy, and manage cloud-to-edge, event-driven ‘transformative’ applications that deliver maximum business agility. Modelo includes a low-code/no-code rapid development platform; a secure, scalable, multi-cloud deployment platform that enables distributed applications; and the architecture and tools to simplify DevOps and increase resilience in ongoing runtime operations.

Using VANTIQ Modelo, getting new mission-critical applications into production and scaling them can be done in days or weeks instead of the monthsor even years that are usually spent in the unfamiliar and – previously – highly-complex process of building powerful event-driven applications.


VANTIQ, the company that powers real-time business operations, provides the only truly dynamic platform for quickly and easily creating transformative, event-driven applications to drive your agile business operations in real time. Founded in 2015 by renowned tech industry veterans Marty Sprinzen and Paul Butterworth, VANTIQ enables those involved in mission-critical business operations to benefit from a new breed of real-time applications with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lower development and maintenance costs, and maximum agility in response to constantly-changing operational requirements. For more information, visit

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