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In this webinar, IBM's CTO of Edge Computing, Rob High, and Vantiq CEO, Marty Sprinzen, dive into the business impact of edge-native applications and how we get there.
This release introduces a number of new capabilities designed for today’s (and tomorrow’s) real-time applications including assemblies, client components, and more.
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As the world becomes increasingly digital, businesses spanning all industries must bridge the gap between physical systems and the virtual world.
White Paper
Learn about EDA and how businesses across all industries are utilizing it to successfully digitally transform their organizations.

Connected Retail

Revolutionize customer experiences with real-time technology
The Vantiq
Our platform ingests and analyzes streaming data from new and existing IoT devices, enterprise systems, cameras, and more to create real-time situational awareness and build connected retail applications 10x faster.
Leverage new technologies including smart signage, gps routing, AR/VR, and more
Increase customer retention and engagement through digital interactions
Gain real-time visibility into customer behavior and store environments
Optimize inventory management through real-time automation
Vantiq Connected Retail Partners
Connected Retail Technical Capabilities
Augmented Reality Experiences
Create interactive experiences to help guide customers, allowing for interaction with consumer goods in new ways such as virtual fitting rooms, gamification (scavenger hunts, flash sales, etc.), and GPS routing capabilities.
Contactless Shopping Capabilities
Ensure a safe and seamless shopping experience to address public health concerns through virtual queueing, automatic checkout via facial recognition, automated cleaning, PPE compliance monitoring, and more.
Advanced Inventory Management
Utilize event-driven architecture and edge computing capabilities to ensure products are always fully stocked, create triggers when items need to be reordered, automatically update shelf labels, track patrons to identify hotspots, and more.
Safety & Security Monitoring
Protect retail environments against theft and provide a safe shopping experience for patrons inside through edge-enabled cameras, RFID chips, or other IoT devices throughout the store.
Bite Size Use Case Clips
The Connected Industries
Integration Platform
Maximize the potential of the connected industries with real-time technology
See how state-of-the-art real-time, event-driven technology combined with event-driven integration capabilities creates higher productivity and lower costs for new initiatives. This 1+1=3 allows for different technologies to be easily integrated making the sum better than the parts.
What are Real-Time Applications?
Learn why leading enterprises in practically all industries are switching from processing and acting on data after the fact to taking action on data in flight, as it happens through real-time applications.
Download one of our many Connected Retail related resources or check out our resource center for the entire Vantiq content catalog
The Connected Industries Integration Platform - Whitepaper
Eliminate Lines With Real-Time Virtual Queuing Technology
Store Intelligence Case Study Brochure
Cust2Mate Case Study Brochure
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