Utility Management
VT Screen Device Networking
Thermal management Equipment VT screen is an HMI device with PLC device connection ability, with the ability of protocol conversion and service as well, to establish a platform with device management capabilities and docking VT screen, and docking the VT screen to the platform, follow-up application of intelligent thermal distribution control system.
  • Fast docking VT screen for data docking and display
  • Automate parsing the Modbus data based on customer configuration
  • Integration with Pronto between different systems (SAP, BPM, Micro-Service)
  • Decoupling within Micro-services
  • Business workflow orchestration using Event Driven Architecture

Beijing Capital Heating started from district heating company, with the goal of creating a large-scale, technologically advanced and market-oriented green heating group through the organic combination of industry, government resources, and capital. Beijing Capital Heat enterprise culture: with wisdom to meet the requirements of users and society, while taking into account the interests of employees and the company, to achieve a win-win situation. Intelligent energy management system -- with an energy management center and a comprehensive management system, it can significantly reduce operating costs through comprehensive analysis of heat consumption, power consumption, water consumption, etc. Case: in the first quarter of the practice system of local companies, the power consumption was reduced by 50%; Application of innovative technologies in key links -- it has core technologies such as direct burial of cold installation without compensation, scale-removing transformation of water system, integrated circuit board design of electric box, etc., to fundamentally optimize efficiency, reduce cost and improve safety; Independent integration of core equipment -- a new concept of equipment - based system, independent development and integration of small box thermal station, reduce the area; Independent development of intelligent core equipment heat exchange station, saving investment costs.

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