Smart Cold Chain Logistics

Real-time management platform for cold storage warehouse management and final one-mile delivery
Track the location, real-time temperature, delivery status, and inventory of temperature-sensitive materials. Dashboard displays and manages the real-time data of your smart cold chain logistics for every step of the way - from the warehouse to final delivery.
  • Real-time analysis and monitoring of asset flow with the help of VANTIQ development platform
  • Inventory management and tracking and with real-time map display
  • IoT enabled temperature monitoring with automated detection and response to temperature changes
  • Intelligently manage delivery status and order fulfillment

The current EPP box, transfer box, tray, and other material models of the cold transport warehouse are still relying on traditional manual management methods and means. The traditional model can not meet the requirements of fast, high efficiency, accuracy, timeliness, paperless, low cost, and visualized Internet product operation.

When distributing fresh food, it needs cold chain transportation and distribution, it closely relates to the quality of food. More seriously, it will impact the brand image of the vendor.

However, in real life's process of distribution, the delivery box is often lost, or the warehouse cannot monitor the delivery box in the whole process, which affects the turnover of the delivery box in the upstream warehouse, resulting in a waste of resources. In order to strengthen the intelligent supervision of the delivery box, it is necessary to carry out the positioning tracking and the unpacking reminder of the delivery box through technical means.

At the same time, it is necessary to monitor the temperature inside the box in real-time through technical means, to notify the distributor and show alerts on the dashboard when the temperature changes.

  • Reduce business operating costs with increased operational efficiency
  • Reduce material retention and loss
  • Response immediately to changes in material temperature
  • Single platform for intelligent management allows you to maximize your resources
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